Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Had a Bad Day...

I was just checking my blog and that song was the one, randomly, to come up on the playlist and when I heard it I just started to laugh!! That was my theme song yesterday!! Looking back, I'm sure it will be a hilarious story but so far I have yet to laugh.

So, because we've been staying over at my parents' the last couple of weeks to babysit, my kids are a little off schedule. They aren't sleeping very well. Well, I guess they're sleeping, they just aren't going to bed until super late. I know I could have been much more disciplined about getting them to bed on time while I was there, but I just wasn't. So now I'm suffering the consequences.

Anyway, so my kids aren't going to bed until late, but we're still getting up at the crack of dawn, so I've been wiped out all week. I made the mistake of lying down with Jack to feed him and I dozed off. I totally didn't even realize how tired I was until I woke up to Payson tapping my arm. So I jumped up and looked around, realizing that she'd been alone for over an hour.

We have child locks on most everything in our place, but our genius little monster has figured them out and they do no good! So while I was sleeping she got into the pantry, reached my spices, and emptied the cayenne pepper, cinnamon, mustard powder, sesame seeds and the desitin (she also emptied the diaper bag) all over the apartment! Wow, she had fun!
Needless to say, the desitin was the most difficult to clean up. No fun at all!! Luckily, everything ultimately came out and we're all having a better day today.

Initially I was embarrassed by the mess and cleaned it up before taking a picture. Now I'm wishing I had captured the memory on camera, but there's no way I'm recreating that disaster!!

Anyway, we're all having a much better day today!

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Bulloch Family said...

At least she didn't eat the desitin. Madison did that to a few babysitters.