Friday, June 26, 2009


Really, how can I put into words how I feel about his music? Billie Jean. PYT. Thriller. The Free Willy theme song. And his dancing! The moon walk. Thriller. The crotch grabbing. Who cares about this guys' alleged child abuse and financial history and his kids' odd names and his outrageous...face...issues?! He's an icon!! A legend!! He's the Prince of Pop. And above all....he was Captain Eo.

"Turn the others into...Trash Cans!!"

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy 5 Years To US!!

On May 20th, 2004 around 4:30 in the afternoon, Jason and I walked into the Rexburg, Idaho mayor's office and asked Mayor Larson to marry us. We had just decided to elope that morning. Two secretaries were our witnesses. Instead of a beautiful white wedding gown I wore boots, jeans, a t-shirt and my jacket. I think we were both shaking. But I can honestly say I knew it was right.

Exactly one year later, with our beautiful 4 month old daughter, we were sealed as a family forever in the Mount Timpanogos LDS Temple. We spent the afternoon celebrating with family and friends.

Five years later, we finally had our first getaway. Just US! No babies allowed!!

My completely awesome mom (Dad was out of town on business) let us drop the kiddos off for the weekend. We spent the day shopping and just laughing and having fun together. Later that night Jason said, "It was so nice to hold your hand all day!" Normally when we go shopping we're chasing kids or keeping them from grabbing anything and everything. :)

That evening we went to Heber to the Snake Creek Grill, which had been recommended earlier. The place looked...interesting, but we decided to go in anyway. It turned out to be pretty formal and super delicious!! In the horrible picture of the two of us we were both laughing pretty hard. That was about the hundredth attempt by Jason. Unfortunately, he deleted the others. They were hysterical!! (Or maybe you had to be there).

After a yummy dinner we grabbed some dessert and drove out to Woodland (outside of Park City, near Kamas) to the cutest little B&B ever!! It was built just before 1900 and used as the post office. Then the owner turned in into a B&B in 2003. It was so comfortable and beautiful!! The grounds were gorgeous! We checked in and then went for a walk. The river was so pretty. And it was nice to just hold hands some more.

After our walk we went back to our super comfy bed and...well, did more than hold hands, if you really must know!! ;)

The owner's dog, Anchor, was so friendly!! They said when he was a pup they took him out to the lake and he wouldn't swim. He just sank. So they named him Anchor. I thought it was cute. :)

Breakfast was French Toast Creme Brule. SO YUMMY!!

We had planned on heading out after breakfast for a canoe ride on a nearby lake, but it was rainy so we headed to Park City and hit the outlet malls. After shopping we grabbed lunch and then went to the Park City Resort. We hoped to ride the Alpine Slide, but it was closed due to weather. So we opted for the ridiculously overpriced Alpine Coaster. It turned out to be hysterically fun!!

We grabbed some Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory treats and then did a little more shopping. :) Then headed home to our babies. Grandma reported that the kids were angels...which stopped the second we walked in the door. :) But we didn't care at all!! It was an absolutely perfect weekend! We've vowed to do it every year. At least once.

Any favorite getaway locations you'd like to share??

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

If you don't laugh as hard as I did at this, there's something seriously wrong with you.

And the winner is...........

..............a couple of days late. Oops!! Life just got crazy this week. Sorry to anyone who's been anxiously waiting!!

Just so you know, there were a total of 134 entries in my little drawing. 134!! That's a lot! I was crossing my fingers for each and every one of you! Promise!

So I tallied up the entries and typed of the names, many of them multiple times :), cut them up, and tossed them in a bowl. I put a lid on it, shook it up like crazy, and then let my darling little four-year-old pick the name. So as to assure no bias. :)

Are you ready? I'm so excited!! Okay, I'll just get to it then.

********* Drum roll please! *********

And the winner is:

Hilary L.

Yay!! Hilary, I'm so excited to make this for you!! Send me an email { mckennaralls (at) gmail (dot) com } and let me know what you want yours to say, what colors you'd like, and send me your shipping address. Can't wait to get this out to you!! I hope you love it!

And just for fun, I'm giving a second and third place prize to the two players with the most entries! Ruth A. and Susie D. each had 11 entries! Thanks for playing guys! And for wanting to win so bad. :) Send me an email as well with your shipping address and you'll be getting a secret surprise in the mail from yours truly!!

So sad for all of you who didn't win. I honestly wish I could just send you all a little something. But, alas. I'm poor. :) But we'll definitely have to do this again some time. So try again then!!