Wednesday, June 3, 2009

And the winner is...........

..............a couple of days late. Oops!! Life just got crazy this week. Sorry to anyone who's been anxiously waiting!!

Just so you know, there were a total of 134 entries in my little drawing. 134!! That's a lot! I was crossing my fingers for each and every one of you! Promise!

So I tallied up the entries and typed of the names, many of them multiple times :), cut them up, and tossed them in a bowl. I put a lid on it, shook it up like crazy, and then let my darling little four-year-old pick the name. So as to assure no bias. :)

Are you ready? I'm so excited!! Okay, I'll just get to it then.

********* Drum roll please! *********

And the winner is:

Hilary L.

Yay!! Hilary, I'm so excited to make this for you!! Send me an email { mckennaralls (at) gmail (dot) com } and let me know what you want yours to say, what colors you'd like, and send me your shipping address. Can't wait to get this out to you!! I hope you love it!

And just for fun, I'm giving a second and third place prize to the two players with the most entries! Ruth A. and Susie D. each had 11 entries! Thanks for playing guys! And for wanting to win so bad. :) Send me an email as well with your shipping address and you'll be getting a secret surprise in the mail from yours truly!!

So sad for all of you who didn't win. I honestly wish I could just send you all a little something. But, alas. I'm poor. :) But we'll definitely have to do this again some time. So try again then!!


Sue said...

Really? Yay for third place!!!!!! I don't win things like this very often!! Thanks cute girl! Did I really have that many comments? Haha

Mandi said...

So sad i didn't win. So happy for the winners. :)

The Larson Family said...

Is that really me? Wahoo!!!! I never win stuff. This totally made my crummy evening soooooo much better!! I'll email you soon. THANK YOU!

Randi said...

Payson didn't pick me? WHAT! I demand a re-draw. ;)

r said...

Second?!?! SWEET!! I'm so excited :)

The Larson Family said...

Okay, do I still get the prize even though it's been forever and you're now super busy as Primary President? If not, I understand. If yes, then can I just have it say: Larsons or The Larsons (whichever looks better) and then over it: A Forever Family.

Thanks. Sorry I'm a slacker.