Friday, June 17, 2011

Pretty sure that all of my posts will be really whiney until this baby is OUT...

So I have 4 weeks until I'm done. Yeah, the countdown says five. But I'll be induced a week early due to baby's size and Jason's work schedule if it hasn't come before then. Which it probably won't.

Anyway, four weeks. Four weeks would normally seem so short, but right now those four weeks are FILLED with way too much to get done and no where near enough time to do it all. And I'm alone. Jason is working for another week and a half or so. And I have bronchitis. And I'm swollen and in pain constantly. My back and feet can hardly take anything. Grocery shopping is a chore. Rolling over is a chore. Cleaning and laundry and cooking...chore. See what I mean? Whine, whine, whine. It's all you're going to hear for the next few weeks.

McKenna, why don't you just ask for help from you amazingly wonderful friends??? Good question! Because my laundry isn't done and I'm sitting around in my underwear. (TMI?) And I'm so freaking picky about how things get done that I honestly believe it would stress me out MORE to have help than to just wait until I'm feeling a little more up to it all. Ridiculous? Yeah. But true.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Getting Ready for Baby

I realized this week how much time I actually have until baby arrives. Both of my babies have been big. Both of my babies have been early. And with Jason's work schedule and location, this baby has an eviction date set for July 16th so that Jason can be sure to have time off and be here for the big debut!

That leaves me with 6 weeks and 2 days. weekend we will be out of town for a couple of days. Then Jason leaves for two weeks and I won't have his help getting things ready. Besides that, my little sisters are coming to stay for a week of that time and we'll be too busy playing and having fun to prepare for baby. Then we have about a week and a half of Jason being home before we head to Utah for a family reunion. And at that point I will be staying in Utah until baby comes, just to be safely close to the hospital.

So realistically I have a little less than 3 weeks of time to prepare for this baby. And the rest is taken up with activities, visitors, vacations, etc. THREE WEEKS! That's it!

After realizing that I immediately put together a list of baby-to-do's and a timeline to get everything done. It's going to be busy, but it's doable. So today I pulled out my boxes of baby clothes, ready to sort through and wash everything so it's ready for use when Cletus arrives.

It was so fun to look through what both Payson and Jack had worn as infants! And to remember how TINY they were!! It was SOOOO long ago! But as fun as it was, I was completely disappointed. Both boxes of clothes had several spit up stained outfits that I know I will never put on this new baby. Trash. :(

And the rest...well...the rest is just all old and faded and used. Big surprise, right? No. But I just want to have the new fun clothes for this baby the way I did with my other kids. It's one thing that I'm really looking forward to and is helping me to get emotionally ready for this baby's arrival.

Problem is, we knew with both Payson and Jack what we were having. And I had baby showers with both of them. So we were completely prepared in the clothing and gear department with each of them.

This time, we have our own guesses (Jason votes boy, I vote girl) but we really have no clue! So how do I prepare for baby? I have onesies and things, but I don't want closets full of white and green and yellow. I want fun new colorful summer outfits for this baby. I want this baby to wear things that make me smile. Not faded old hand me downs. :(

Is that shallow of me? Yeah, a little. But with Payson and Jack we took what we were given or what we could afford. We're in a different position now financially. And really, I'm just okay with being a little shallow about what I put on my baby!

So apparently, this baby will live in nothing but diapers and onesies for a little while until I'm feeling up to heading to the store...or until I am awake enough in the hospital to order a whole new wardrobe online. :)