Monday, January 28, 2008

Good Morning Baltimore!

Well, we've had a crazy couple of weeks. First, potty training Payson. That was an advanture. Then our weekend trip to visit Kimber and Scott...while potty training Payson. That was an even bigger adventure! Then we brought our puppy home. Then I broke Payson's arm. Jason quit his job for a better paying temporary position (that lasts until we leave in April). Lots and lots going on in the Ralls family!

Anyway, if anyone didn't know already, Jason signed with APX to sell security systems this summer. So he's been going to as many training meetings as he can and trying to go out and sell on weekends when that works out. We've been really anxious to go. This just felt like the right move at the right time for us and we can't wait!

When we first signed up it sounded like we'd be headed to Long Island, New York. As time went on there was talk of North Carolina, Boston, Canada, and New Jersey. But this last Saturday we found out that the final decision is Baltimore, Maryland!! We are SO excited!! We'll be 3 hours or less from New York City, less than an hour (with no traffic) from Washington D.C. , just over an hour from Gettysbug, and so close to so many other places that Jason has never been and that I can't wait to see again!!

Did I mention that we're SO excited?! We'd love to have visitors while we're there! Friends and family welcome! Hope to see you there!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

President Gordon B. Hinckley June 23, 1910 - January 27, 2008

We just heard the news about President Gordon B. Hinckley passing away tonight a little while ago. I have such mixed emotions. I loved him. He was a wonderful prophet and leader and a wonderful man. He was really the prophet of my generation and I sincerely loved him as my brother in the gospel. I will miss him so much. However, I am jumping for joy inside to know that he is more than just jubilant to be reunited with his sweet wife! I'm sure he is hugging and kissing her all he can. He probably hasn't let go yet! I'm so happy for them. I love the knowledge that families are forever. It eases my pain and hopefully the pain of his family that he left behind. My prayers are with them.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Two Posts in One Day!!

I wish I had something exciting to be blogging about right now, but instead, my news is so, so sad. I have done something horrible to my sweet baby girl! This afternoon, Payson was jumping on the bed and I was pulling her legs out from under her. She would laugh hysterically when she bounced onto her bum. It was loads of fun! That is, until she twisted and landed on her arm. After a few hours of watching it become slightly bruised and swollen, we went to the InstaCare and had it x-rayed. I cracked my baby's wrist! What kind of mother am I?! I know it could have happened to anyone, but I still feel just awful! She's been weepy all day and in lots of pain. I've been trying to get some Tylenol in her, but she's not the greatest at taking medicine. We finally figured out that crushing the chewable Tylenol tablets into some really strong Hawaiin Punch got it in her. A spoonful of sugar, right?! So she's not in as much pain now.

The InstaCare physician said the crack is pretty minor. And Payson was a real trooper at the doctor's office. He put it in a splint and a sling and said that if she's still in pain over the next couple of days to have our family doctor re-x-ray it and cast it. I just hope she isn't in a lot of pain while it's healing. I feel so awful that I did that to her and now there isn't much I can do to ease the pain. So pray for my little girl!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Fun Weekend!!

We had a fun and busy weekend this week. On Friday morning we left to visit one of my childhood best friends. (We actually used to tell people we were twins). We stayed with Scott and Kimber and had a blast! Kimber, you have a great husband! He's a way fun guy and I'm so glad you are happy!!

We mostly lounged around all weekend. We scrapbooked and watched a few movies and had some good laughs and went to the temple open house. Sitting in the sealing room with my family, I was reminded of the feelings I had the day we were sealed. It was overwhelming. I'm so grateful for the blessings of the temple in my family!!

Payson was fascinated with Scott and Kimber's sugar gliders! They're funny little critters. And their portable dvd player. And their computer. And their Nintendo games. She likes technology a little bit. And she likes to get into everything. Also, due to potty training she had a few accidents at their house. I'm sure they enjoyed that. I know I did. I really wonder if the weekend wasn't more birth control than fun for them!!

Saturday night Kimber started feeling sick and (you are about to receive too much information) I got totally engorged, which has never happened to me before. So much pain!! I did not enjoy that. So Sunday morning we were ready to head home. Although it would have been fun to stay and play!! I missed my best friend all those years. I always felt left out when I would hear about my old friends and the things they were up to. It's great to be back in touch!

Anyway, after we headed home we went to my Mom and Dad's for a birthday party! Saturday was my dad's 48th and Sunday was Payson's 3rd birthday! We had dinner and opened presents and had cheesecake (Payson's favorite) and banana nut bread (Grandpa's favorite).

My camera is at Best Buy getting fixed right now so all photos are taken on my camera phone. They don't turn out so great. It's a bummer but at least it will be fixed soon!!

Payson being silly with her gifts. You can't get a real smile out of her unless you catch her off guard.

Payson got Barney videos from Uncle Devin, some accessories for her kitchen set from Uncle Brennan, Jessie and Woody dolls that she takes everywhere with her now from Aunt Madie and Aunt Maren, super cute HSS clothes and shoes from Grandma and Grandpa,
A bike from Mom and Dad, and a helmet from brother Jack. She's a spoiled girl!!

Payson missed being born on Grandpa's birthday by five hours and twelve minutes, but they share their party every year!!

Anyway, it was a BUSY but SUPER fun weekend! Although I have to admit I'm glad to be home. My kids always sleep better in their own beds which means I sleep better!! And let me tell you, I LOVE SLEEP!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

**whimper** I Want Sleep!! **whimper**

I'm so tired!! I can only imagine how Jack is feeling. His nose is so clogged up he can barely breathe and there's so much goop in his little throat. He can't stop coughing and I know he just wants to get it all out. His little whimpers are so pathetic, it breaks my heart! Sunday night, literally out of the blue, he was just sick all of the sudden. He hardly slept all night. I rocked him and tried every position possible. Nothing was helping him sleep. And after only a few twenty minute spans of sleep here and there I gave up. I made Jason take a turn. I felt horrible, knowing that he had to work in the morning, but I just couldn't handle it. Luckily, Jason was able to take Monday off and we got what remedies we could for Jack. I've been hearing a lot of negative news about children's and infant's over the counter cold medicines lately so we grabbed some infant's Vick's and humidifier. We're using the nasal aspirator like crazy and the poor baby just screams bloody murder every time. Although I've never tried it on myself, I'm sure it can't be the most pleasant feeling in the world. Maybe similar to having your brains sucked out your nostrils. Anyway, during the day he's okay. Not great, but happier. Monday night was pretty much a repeat of Sunday night. And tonight is looking bleak. I just want my poor baby to feel good. I want him to sleep good. And really, one of my biggest motivations is my own sanity!! If I don't get a good night's sleep soon, I might...I don't know. I'm too tired to think of some way to finish that sentence! I just hope he's feeling better this weekend for our trip. Anyway, (I think I use that word a lot), if anyone knows how to stop icky, yucky colds on a dime, I'm BEGGING you!! PLEEEEEEEEEASE let me in on your secret!

Monday, January 14, 2008

My Big Girl!!

**SIGH** We've finally made our first pee pee in the big potty!! If you keep in close touch with me, you know that Payson has been TERRIFIED of the potty for quite some time. We've taken every bit of advice. We had a bag of toys and treats that she could have when she went, she got to pick out her own big girl underwear, we had a book, we had a chart, we had the big potty with a stool OR the little potty so she could choose. But NOTHING was working with this girl!! So finally I gave up and said that I wouldn't try again until her third birthday. So that day is now less than a week away and tonight we ran out of diapers. I told Payson that I wasn't going to buy any new ones so she would have to wear underwear and she did. So here she is in her BIG GIRL UNDERWEAR after making her first pee pee in the potty and after only two tries!!! We cheered and yelled and she got a new set of bubbles and blowers and she called Grandma Lethbridge to tell her about what she did, so proud!! And I feel SOOOOOOO liberated!! Let's just hope tomorrow is this great. Wish me luck!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Introducing Lola!!!

I am so excited!!! This is Lola. She is the newest member of our family. We decided to get her (for the family) for Payson's birthday next Sunday. Although, Payson will be unwrapping only a collar with Lola's tags. Lola is only 4 weeks old right now so we have to wait until the end of the month to bring her home. She's not quite ready to leave her momma. But that works out for us anyway because we're taking a little trip this coming weekend and we wouldn't know what to do with her! Anyway, I'm so excited to get home and pick her up because she is just the sweetest thing I've ever seen!! She's a Miniature Alaskan Eskimo and is so sweet and snuggly. She fits in your hands right now. I'm completely in love. She will definitely be my third child!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008