Monday, January 14, 2008

My Big Girl!!

**SIGH** We've finally made our first pee pee in the big potty!! If you keep in close touch with me, you know that Payson has been TERRIFIED of the potty for quite some time. We've taken every bit of advice. We had a bag of toys and treats that she could have when she went, she got to pick out her own big girl underwear, we had a book, we had a chart, we had the big potty with a stool OR the little potty so she could choose. But NOTHING was working with this girl!! So finally I gave up and said that I wouldn't try again until her third birthday. So that day is now less than a week away and tonight we ran out of diapers. I told Payson that I wasn't going to buy any new ones so she would have to wear underwear and she did. So here she is in her BIG GIRL UNDERWEAR after making her first pee pee in the potty and after only two tries!!! We cheered and yelled and she got a new set of bubbles and blowers and she called Grandma Lethbridge to tell her about what she did, so proud!! And I feel SOOOOOOO liberated!! Let's just hope tomorrow is this great. Wish me luck!

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YAAAAA! Good job Payson!! :)