Monday, January 28, 2008

Good Morning Baltimore!

Well, we've had a crazy couple of weeks. First, potty training Payson. That was an advanture. Then our weekend trip to visit Kimber and Scott...while potty training Payson. That was an even bigger adventure! Then we brought our puppy home. Then I broke Payson's arm. Jason quit his job for a better paying temporary position (that lasts until we leave in April). Lots and lots going on in the Ralls family!

Anyway, if anyone didn't know already, Jason signed with APX to sell security systems this summer. So he's been going to as many training meetings as he can and trying to go out and sell on weekends when that works out. We've been really anxious to go. This just felt like the right move at the right time for us and we can't wait!

When we first signed up it sounded like we'd be headed to Long Island, New York. As time went on there was talk of North Carolina, Boston, Canada, and New Jersey. But this last Saturday we found out that the final decision is Baltimore, Maryland!! We are SO excited!! We'll be 3 hours or less from New York City, less than an hour (with no traffic) from Washington D.C. , just over an hour from Gettysbug, and so close to so many other places that Jason has never been and that I can't wait to see again!!

Did I mention that we're SO excited?! We'd love to have visitors while we're there! Friends and family welcome! Hope to see you there!!


Scottie & Kimber said...

that will be so awesome!!!!! I would LOVE to be so close to all those cool place, thats whats so cool about living back east! Connor and his wife will be in DC until june I think....and we want to take a trip out to see them, maybe we could coordinate it so its while you guys are out there!

The McKell Family said...

You guys are going to have so much fun!! Thats great that you are doing that!! It looks like you guys are doing great!! Your kids are sooooo darling!!! I am jealous!! I want a baby!!! Anyway you guys look great and have fun this summer selling thats way cool.

The McKell Family said...

We should go to lunch when pax gets back. That would be fun. My camera broke when i visited paityn and mark in DC last summer. . So I only have old pics until i get a new camera. .

The McKell Family said...

Hey I wanted to ask you how you do all your cute background page. . All the ones I can find are the standard ones. I was wondering if you could tell me how to do a custom one??