Sunday, January 27, 2008

President Gordon B. Hinckley June 23, 1910 - January 27, 2008

We just heard the news about President Gordon B. Hinckley passing away tonight a little while ago. I have such mixed emotions. I loved him. He was a wonderful prophet and leader and a wonderful man. He was really the prophet of my generation and I sincerely loved him as my brother in the gospel. I will miss him so much. However, I am jumping for joy inside to know that he is more than just jubilant to be reunited with his sweet wife! I'm sure he is hugging and kissing her all he can. He probably hasn't let go yet! I'm so happy for them. I love the knowledge that families are forever. It eases my pain and hopefully the pain of his family that he left behind. My prayers are with them.



Awww I just cried reading your comment too! I miss him already! What an amazing life he lived!

M'Liss said...

We're so good! Just same old, same old for the most part. But that's so exciting that you are going to Baltimore. I'm so jealous. I would like to, one day, have somewhat of an exciting life! we'll see how it goes.