Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Two Posts in One Day!!

I wish I had something exciting to be blogging about right now, but instead, my news is so, so sad. I have done something horrible to my sweet baby girl! This afternoon, Payson was jumping on the bed and I was pulling her legs out from under her. She would laugh hysterically when she bounced onto her bum. It was loads of fun! That is, until she twisted and landed on her arm. After a few hours of watching it become slightly bruised and swollen, we went to the InstaCare and had it x-rayed. I cracked my baby's wrist! What kind of mother am I?! I know it could have happened to anyone, but I still feel just awful! She's been weepy all day and in lots of pain. I've been trying to get some Tylenol in her, but she's not the greatest at taking medicine. We finally figured out that crushing the chewable Tylenol tablets into some really strong Hawaiin Punch got it in her. A spoonful of sugar, right?! So she's not in as much pain now.

The InstaCare physician said the crack is pretty minor. And Payson was a real trooper at the doctor's office. He put it in a splint and a sling and said that if she's still in pain over the next couple of days to have our family doctor re-x-ray it and cast it. I just hope she isn't in a lot of pain while it's healing. I feel so awful that I did that to her and now there isn't much I can do to ease the pain. So pray for my little girl!!


Scottie & Kimber said...

ahhhh, poor payson, remind me never to let you play with my children!


Oh my Godness! hahaha McKenna I love you! You kill me.. poor girl.. geez! I just love her, she's SOOO cute! Does she like her cast?