Monday, April 25, 2011


I am always busy and always tired. Always. But lately it has multiplied. I find no time or energy for things I cared about before. I'm too busy trying to just get the minimum done so that I can sleep or rest. I feel like my body is on full speed ahead and I just can't keep up.

And baby is starting to let me know very clearly when enough is enough. Contractions come hard and fast when my body needs a break. And then, whether I have the time or not, I have to stop and lay down and drink and rest until it goes away. And it's happening more and more often lately. 3 more months of that. Ugh.

Pregnancy has never made me so tired. This time around has felt much harder on my body. Although I've also never had so much on my plate during a pregnancy before. All good things. But busy time consuming things. And even on vacation I feel like I am desperate for a break.

So now I'm off to stop complaining to cyber land and to go rest. Because even after the best possible night's sleep these days I still wake up exhausted.