Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Gender Reveal Fun

First baby's are magical.  It's like Christmas when you are a child and your dreams of Santa have not yet been shattered.  Every baby after that first is then like Christmas once you know.  It's still exciting and fun, but that little bit of magic is missing.  It can be a bummer.

Fourth baby's are no exception.  No one really cares anymore.  It's old news.  Our lives changed dramatically with our first.  This time around, there will be very few changes.  We'll be a little busier, the budget will be a little tighter, the minivan will be a little fuller.  And our hearts will be bursting!  But it's still old news.

So to make things a little more exciting this time around we did a gender reveal!  I didn't want to make a huge deal out of it.  I know no one cares as much as we do about this kiddo.  So we just invited my immediate family (luckily everyone was in town!) and our little family.

Earlier in the day, Jason and I took Lucas with is to lunch to pass the time.  We were anxious and still had an hour or two until we needed to be at the ultrasound appointment.  Then we went to see baby!

Here's a horrible picture I took of the ultrasound picture on my phone.  Baby has its arms up by its face and we can sort of see little features that look very similar to brothers and sister.

After the ultrasound, we got things ready for the party!  We picked up balloons and silly string and everything we needed, then headed home to prep it all.  After it was all ready, we picked up the kids from school and headed to Grandma and Grandpa's house!

When it was finally time and everyone was gathered, we had everyone tell us first what they hoped baby was and then what they thought it was.  I was surprised to hear that with the exception of two people (who said they didn't care what gender the baby was) everyone was hoping for a girl!

I have to add that it seemed most were hoping for a girl from the beginning, which got me (hormonally) defensive.  I was worried that my hypothetical son wouldn't be good enough and everyone would be disappointed, which broke my heart because I ADORE my sons!  So I was a little nervous to let everyone down Tuesday morning.

Anyway, back to the story.  So after everyone's guesses, Jason and I gave them their first clue.  A rhyming nursery rhyme clue that would lead them to their next and the next until they found the surprise at the end.  It was super cheesy, but we knew the kids would love it!  I'll share, just in case anyone wants to do a super corny gender reveal scavenger hunt one day and needs ideas.  :)

We’re glad you’re here to share the news!
To find the surprise just follow the clues.
Solve the rhyme if you want to know,
Then off to that location you’ll go!

Let’s start off with a nursery rhyme.
Maybe one about a time
A mouse ran up a fancy clock.
You know it, Hickory Dickory Dock!
(the coo-coo clock)

The candlestick maker, the butcher, the baker
Were all three very good mates.
They floated along.  Try singing their song!
And find where your next clue waits!
(the bathtub)

The first nursery rhyme most of us know;
We roll it and pat it.  Now how does it go?
(the oven)
*This is the one that stumped them.  They checked in the cake pans, where the cake mix was in food storage, etc.  It was fun to watch them hunt.  :)

Now Stella and Louis are two lucky ones,
Unlike Mother Hubbard’s dog.  That guy had none!
(with the dog food/bones)
*Louis and Stella are the family dogs, in case you were wondering.

Your next clue is just over there.
To find it, match this silly pair:
Cat plus fiddle, cow plus moon,
The dog is laughing, and the dish plus who??
(in the spoon drawer)

If knowing the baby’s gender is your wish
Just thinking of Humpty!  He sat on this!
(the wall, a brick fence outside around the property)
*We needed them to end up outside for the final reveal to keep the mess out of the house.

#7, Final Clue
  We know you’re excited as can be!
But wait so everyone can see!
We’ll count to three and then you’ll spray
The pink or blue string we brought today.
Then we’ll all know girl or boy
And celebrate this bundle of joy!

After a few clues throughout the house, and only one clue stumping them on location for a moment, they finally found the last clue outside!  We had some pink and blue balloons waiting with lots of cans of silly string, wrapped in brown paper and lids removed so they couldn't see the color.  There was also a box of our favorite cupcakes that had the final clue attached to it.  I just needed an excuse to have cupcakes that day.  They had pumpkin flavors and they were magical!!!

Anyway, so we got the camera ready, counted to three, and then everyone started spraying!

It was really fun to catch their reactions when the **PINK** string went flying!!  Jack and Payson ran off chasing each other with their cans, so they aren't in most of the pictures I caught.  Lucas was somehow clean, so I grabbed a can and sprayed him a little to see if he would think the silly string was funny.  I think you can guess how he felt about it by his reaction here.

This was such a fun way to tell the family that we were having a baby girl!!  Everyone is super excited and I was relieved not to have to disappoint.  :)

Now we're all dying to go shopping for fun girly things, since our girl is almost 9 and we gave away pretty much all of her stuff ages ago!  I love the excuse to do a little shopping.  :)  Jack is thrilled that he doesn't have to share a room with TWO little brothers.  Payson is super excited to have a sister!  Although, I think she's also a little bummed to not be the only girl anymore.  I had the exact same feeling when my first sister came around when I was 13 or so.  But she's still excited, especially about helping mom shop and redo her room to share with the baby!  Lucas is still convinced that he is the baby.  :)  I'm okay with that, since he will always be my baby.  He'll be forced into reality soon enough, so I'm content to let him live in denial for a few more months.

I am so excited to meet this little miss!  I can't wait to hold her and smell her and kiss her and love her and introduce her to this awesome family she's getting who already loves her so much!  Now if anyone who still reads this blog would be so kind as to contribute name suggestions, we would much appreciate it!!