Monday, January 21, 2008

Fun Weekend!!

We had a fun and busy weekend this week. On Friday morning we left to visit one of my childhood best friends. (We actually used to tell people we were twins). We stayed with Scott and Kimber and had a blast! Kimber, you have a great husband! He's a way fun guy and I'm so glad you are happy!!

We mostly lounged around all weekend. We scrapbooked and watched a few movies and had some good laughs and went to the temple open house. Sitting in the sealing room with my family, I was reminded of the feelings I had the day we were sealed. It was overwhelming. I'm so grateful for the blessings of the temple in my family!!

Payson was fascinated with Scott and Kimber's sugar gliders! They're funny little critters. And their portable dvd player. And their computer. And their Nintendo games. She likes technology a little bit. And she likes to get into everything. Also, due to potty training she had a few accidents at their house. I'm sure they enjoyed that. I know I did. I really wonder if the weekend wasn't more birth control than fun for them!!

Saturday night Kimber started feeling sick and (you are about to receive too much information) I got totally engorged, which has never happened to me before. So much pain!! I did not enjoy that. So Sunday morning we were ready to head home. Although it would have been fun to stay and play!! I missed my best friend all those years. I always felt left out when I would hear about my old friends and the things they were up to. It's great to be back in touch!

Anyway, after we headed home we went to my Mom and Dad's for a birthday party! Saturday was my dad's 48th and Sunday was Payson's 3rd birthday! We had dinner and opened presents and had cheesecake (Payson's favorite) and banana nut bread (Grandpa's favorite).

My camera is at Best Buy getting fixed right now so all photos are taken on my camera phone. They don't turn out so great. It's a bummer but at least it will be fixed soon!!

Payson being silly with her gifts. You can't get a real smile out of her unless you catch her off guard.

Payson got Barney videos from Uncle Devin, some accessories for her kitchen set from Uncle Brennan, Jessie and Woody dolls that she takes everywhere with her now from Aunt Madie and Aunt Maren, super cute HSS clothes and shoes from Grandma and Grandpa,
A bike from Mom and Dad, and a helmet from brother Jack. She's a spoiled girl!!

Payson missed being born on Grandpa's birthday by five hours and twelve minutes, but they share their party every year!!

Anyway, it was a BUSY but SUPER fun weekend! Although I have to admit I'm glad to be home. My kids always sleep better in their own beds which means I sleep better!! And let me tell you, I LOVE SLEEP!!!

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Scottie & Kimber said...

it might have been birth control for scott, i dont know...but not me! haha. I'm used to kids having accidents all the time. Usually, I'M the one cleaning it up, so it was a break! I'm home sick again today! I just have a pretty bad cold, i think a just need a few days of sleep! Nigel and Shack are so tired from Payson! Sunday and Monday, they slept ALL day, they didnt even come out to eat! hahaha