Tuesday, January 15, 2008

**whimper** I Want Sleep!! **whimper**

I'm so tired!! I can only imagine how Jack is feeling. His nose is so clogged up he can barely breathe and there's so much goop in his little throat. He can't stop coughing and I know he just wants to get it all out. His little whimpers are so pathetic, it breaks my heart! Sunday night, literally out of the blue, he was just sick all of the sudden. He hardly slept all night. I rocked him and tried every position possible. Nothing was helping him sleep. And after only a few twenty minute spans of sleep here and there I gave up. I made Jason take a turn. I felt horrible, knowing that he had to work in the morning, but I just couldn't handle it. Luckily, Jason was able to take Monday off and we got what remedies we could for Jack. I've been hearing a lot of negative news about children's and infant's over the counter cold medicines lately so we grabbed some infant's Vick's and humidifier. We're using the nasal aspirator like crazy and the poor baby just screams bloody murder every time. Although I've never tried it on myself, I'm sure it can't be the most pleasant feeling in the world. Maybe similar to having your brains sucked out your nostrils. Anyway, during the day he's okay. Not great, but happier. Monday night was pretty much a repeat of Sunday night. And tonight is looking bleak. I just want my poor baby to feel good. I want him to sleep good. And really, one of my biggest motivations is my own sanity!! If I don't get a good night's sleep soon, I might...I don't know. I'm too tired to think of some way to finish that sentence! I just hope he's feeling better this weekend for our trip. Anyway, (I think I use that word a lot), if anyone knows how to stop icky, yucky colds on a dime, I'm BEGGING you!! PLEEEEEEEEEASE let me in on your secret!

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