Wednesday, August 6, 2008

relaxing, roseola, and reading

Last week, the kids and I had a few little play dates. On Wednesday, some friends invited us to a movie with them at the Scera in Orem. They do a weekly kids movie for cheap all summer long. Even the snack stand is inexpensive!! So we saw a cheesy Veggie Tales movie. The kids loved it and I even found myself laughing out loud during some parts.

After the movie, our friends spent the afternoon playing with us. Payson and Ethan get along SO WELL!! It's darling! And Kristen is so fun to talk to. During our Relief Society lesson on Sunday (on Friends) I just kept thinking about how some days she and her boys are my sanity!! It's so nice to take a break from the week and de-stress with a good friend!

Anyway, I snapped a few pictures of the kids playing.

payson and ethan reading books and playing kitchen

payson took this picture of all of us, apparently Camden thought something was funny


jack kept pushing Camden around in the little car, we thought it was darling!

On Saturday, we went to Jett and Bryton's combined birthday party. Payson was SOOOO excited to go all week. She loves these boys (I'm noticing that all of her friends are boys; should I be worried?) and there was going to be a bounce house there.

We had some much fun! Jobi outdid herself with the cute decorations, leis for the kids, a little pool, water balloons, sidewalk chalk, a slip n slide, the bounce house, a delicious barbecue, and the biggest cake I've ever seen at a one and two year old's party!! :) And of course, the company was great. We caught up with some old friends and made some new ones as well. And it was nice to spend the evening together as a family.

These pictures are out of order, but I don't think that really matters, does it?

payson and i playing with sidewalk chalk at the party

jack wishing the bigger kids would let him in to jump!!

the cutest, biggest cake ever!

why is this the only picture i got of jobi?
payson, jett, and sunni

jack being his cute self

jobi's cute center pieces; are you catching the theme??
payson and emma coming down the bounce house slide

Jack had been a little whiny and clingy during the week. He's been teething for a while, so I blamed the gums. However, when we got home from church on Sunday and I started to change him I noticed these pinkish red bumps and spots all over his chest and back and stomach and neck. None on the arms and legs or face. I showed my mom. She said, "It's probably Roseola".

After Grandma's diagnosis, we went downstairs for a second opinion: Google. The images and description on the google results were exact. The bumps, the slight fever, the puffy little eyes, the clinginess and whining.

Roseola is viral, so we just snuggled and watched him for a couple of days. As of Tuesday it was gone. Not too fun. But not too bad either.

So Saturday, my mom had tried long ago to pre-order Breaking Dawn. Apparently the customer service guy at Barnes and Noble ordered her the wrong book. So she sent me out to pick her up a copy as well as some groceries for Sunday dinner.

I had yet to order my copy. With all of our moving I wouldn't have known where to have it shipped. So I bargained. I'll run the errand, if I can read the book first! My mom was finishing another book anyway, so she agreed. I started Sunday night and have been the most negligent wife and mother since. I just finished.


I can say that it's my favorite of the books. But I can't say I don't like it either. I think New Moon is my favorite. I love romance, but I like a little reality, too. I like the darkness and tragedy. Does that make me a twisted? Maybe. But I think I just want some balance. I don't want 100% mush.

Anyway, at first I was a little annoyed with the book. During the whole honeymoon I wanted to vomit. Enough was enough. I do think Stephenie Meyer did a good job avoiding written porn. She was tasteful. But I could have lived with a little less of the sex. It just dragged on too many pages for me. But once I realized Bella was pregnant, I was intrigued. I kept thinking the book could go either way. She could lose me so easily, or this could get very interesting. Mostly, it got interesting.

I was glad Bella became a vampire early on. I didn't want to wonder for 754 pages. And I liked the intensity in the second half of the book. There was mystery, suspense, a little action, romance.

Naming the baby Renesmee? What was she thinking?! How corny was that!! I hated that. And the middle name just made it worse. And when Jacob imprinted on Renesmee? I wanted to vomit. I had...still have...a hard time with that. I think by the end I was a little more okay with it and understood it a little more, but really? I wanted him to imprint on Leah, to be honest. Renesmee? A little sick.

But I was a little disappointed with the resolve. I think the Volturi gave up too easily. I wished there had been more action. And I think I might have liked some more devastation on the good side. I know Irina died, but that wasn't enough. I think I honestly would have liked the book better if Bella had died protecting them or something. Not because I don't love her character, but I just think it would have been more balanced and made the story more believable for me. (Am I talking about BELIEVABLE in reference to a vampire book? Oh brother.)

I thought that Alice finding another half breed like Renesmee was stupid. It made it too easy for me. And honestly, I could have seen that convincing the Volturi even more that they needed to eliminate her. After the Amazon guy said his father was creating a super race? Wouldn't that have freaked the Volturi out considering they were obsessing over their own control and power? Oh well.

Anyway, all in all I liked it. I didn't end up hating it, which I honestly expected. I didn't think she would satisfy me. But in the end, I'm not craving more of the story and I still love the characters. Good, but not my favorite of the four books.

And enough of that. As silly as it is, I really want to know your DETAILED opinions of the book!! My life is that sad and I'm that into it. :)


Dave Sue and Ty said...

Oh my goodness you are so cute. I laughed so hard when I read this post! I haven't read the books and probably won't, (I bet your thinking, what rock is she living under:) but I just loved what you had to say. I bet I would have felt the same way you did.

The Lewis Family said...

Since all I have read of the books is the last chapter of the last book I would say I found it equally disappointing. How easily swayed they were by the halfling's testimony? I mean come on, and the Bella character? She bugged me, with all her smiling and what not, I wanted her to falter a bit too, especially sine she went undead instead of half beast... tsk tsk :)

Kristin said...

First off what an adorable picture of Camden and Jack! You sure do keep good company :)
The book............. AGH!
I am kinda ticked! I wanted a fight at the end too. This one was too different from the rest. I think allot of people are thinking what you are at least I am! There were just too many weird parts.

Paityn and Mark said...

Hi. Sorry I didn't call but I feel like we hung out tons a few months ago and my family already had so much shizz planned along with our new house crap I had to do there really wasn't time. I swear!!

Scottie and Kimber said...

New Moon?! I cant believe that one is your favorite! Its my LEAST favorite of the 4. That whole time when edward is gone and bella is just moping around with jacob for like 250 pages.....i wanted to shoot myself!

About Breaking Dawn, I liked it a lot. I thought the part that just kept going and going and going was Bella's whole pregnancy. She wrote about every detail and every time the baby hurt her and blah blah blah. She could have cut that part by at least 50 pages. I also felt that way about the last confrontation at the end with the Volturi ...that just went on for two long. I was totally expecting a fight too, but then I hate reading about battles, so i was kind of glad there was that Amazonian scape-goat! haha. I was really surprised at how much sex was in this book! Yeah, it was tasteful...but bella and edward were getting it on all the time! As if the honeymoon wasnt enough, they cant keep their hands off eachother after she becomes a vampire. Its understandable I suppose, newly weds AND a new hot vampire bella....I guess I cant blame either of them!

Griffee's said...

Holy are a blog stalker. you have tons of links. your kids are adorable!

SlingShotGirl and Addicted Fisherman said...

Those kids are so cute in those pictures! How fun, I can't wait to have play dates for Brooklyn.

You summed it right up! I feel exactly the same way and if I could copy and paste that into my blog it would be perfect! haha! I was mostly annoyed by the baby name as well. I was also really annoyed that the volturi(or however you spell that) did give up so easily...i wanted to read some real action!...and I'm not talking about the millions of sex scenes in the book. lol. I hate to admit this because I know every single girl in the world will probably want to punch me in the face, but I have never liked the Jacob story! I know it wouldn't be the same without him, just bugged me the whole time that she was in love with two guys. It got better once they didn't love each other the same way after Renesmee(still the stupidest name ever) was born....and I totally agree with you about Jake imprinting on her...yuck! But I did love how the ending summed up because I really wanted her to still have Charlie in her life knowing she was "something else" and it bugged me through the whole series that Edward wasn't able to hear what she was thinking so it was nice that it ending knowing they could do that.

andrew and charonne said...

thats a good campin idea

andrew and charonne said...

ok mckenna i need you to do me a favor!!! I totally want to be able to chat with sue packer her and I are pals from PGHS too, but her blog is only for invited bloggers! Will you leave her a comment for me and tell her i want to be a bloggin bud?

Jobi Niu said...

THanks so much for coming to the party! I love your family.. YOu're such a good freind I'm gonna be really sad when you move. :(