Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our New Easter Traditions

My parents always tried to help us remember to focus more on Christ at Easter than on the commercialized holiday. The Easter Bunny always came on Saturday, so as not to distract us on Sunday. Jason and I were talking last week and decided that we wanted to find some ways to really help the kids focus on Christ rather than the Easter Bunny as well, so we came up with an Easter countdown!!

It's nothing intricate, just a simple daily activity for 3 weeks prior to Easter Sunday. (We started a couple of days ago). We came up with a list of 21 age appropriate activities. Some are focusing on Christ, some on Spring and the way that it ties into Christ, and a few on the Easter Bunny. (They're little. We can't leave out the Easter Bunny entirely!)

We started with a mini egg hunt (there were 3 eggs for each of them) and those eggs had letters on them. Each letter stood for something that helped us to explain the Resurrection in 4 year old terms.
Yesterday we just colored a picture from the back of The Friend. The picture was of Mary standing in front of the tomb. As Payson colored, I explained to her about Christ's body being in the tomb and how on the third day, Christ moved the big rock and came out of the tomb, alive again. We talked about how because of what Christ did, we are all able to be alive again after we die and be together with our family and friends.

After we were done, Payson and I went upstairs to see Jason. (Jason never gets to watch sports when he's working, so he's been glued to ESPN on this medical leave!) Our conversation went something like this:

M: Payson, why don't you tell Daddy about the things we talked about while you were coloring?
P: Jesus died and they put his body in a tomb.
M: And what happened after 3 days?
P: Jesus moved the rock...(pause)...Mom! Jesus was really strong!
J&P: laughing really hard :)

I love that kid! It's been fun to watch both she and Jack learn and grow lately. Jack is talking SO much more than Payson did at his age. Our personal favorite right now is when we say, "Jack, I love you!" He always say, "Love you too!" Of course, it's all slurred together in that sweet little baby voice, but I absolute adore it!

I am so excited to go to Utah next week! It's going to be so great to see my family! I haven't seen them in a couple of months. But mostly, I can't wait to show off how much my cute kiddos have changed in that time! And it's been even longer since we've seen Jason's family, so seeing them in July will be exciting as well!!

Anyway, Jack keeps yelling, "Mommy! Elmo!" I guess it's time to go color in his new Elmo coloring book. :)


r said...

That is such a good idea! I might just have to steal it from you. I love when kids make funny connections! Watching them learn is so rewarding!

Paityn and Mark said...

yay when are you coming? will you be here for tristans wedding?

The Larson Family said...

That is a good idea. I need to do something like that too. I might steal your Easter Egg idea for Primary too.

Addicted Fisherman, SlingShotGirl, and Ms. Drool-bug said...

That's too funny what Payson said. That's a good idea. To be honest I needed to be reminded myself this year what Easter is about. I just kept thinking "Man, I still need to get an Easter basket with some fun stuff in it for Brooklyn." I think your next post should be of the 21 Easter ideas!

Addicted Fisherman, SlingShotGirl, and Ms. Drool-bug said...

The one with Kira Knightley...I know she's not that great in it, but I LOVE the scenery and music!

Anonymous said...

what a fun idea. you should post your ideas online, I'm sure so many people would use it.
I laughed at Payson's resurrection rendition as well. That's awesome!
On a side note: thanks for keeping me in your prayers, I'm sure it seems like with me there is always something, but I truly appreciate it. Hopefully, I'll get out of the shlump soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and you had asked about the table I just bought... I found it on craigslist! You should check for your area if you guys are looking around too.

M&M Kemp's said...

UM...that's a really great tradition you're starting...maybe we should start a 14 day one or something! And go Payson...Jesus IS Strong! That made me giggle!