Monday, April 27, 2009

i may not be a lot of things...

i may not be as witty as her
i may not be as funny as her (or her kids!!)
i may not be able to sew like her
i may not be as talented as her
i may not be as fit or healthy as her
i may not be as crafty as her or her
i may not be as brave and hard working as her
i may not be as awesome as her or her
i may not be as brilliant with a camera as her or her or her
i may not be as super sweet as her or her or her or her (i know her blog is private, but she's just the sweetest!)
i may not be as good a friend as her or her or her
i may not be as completely inspirational as her
i may not have an awe-inspiring testimony in the face of incredible heartache like her
i may not be as creative with my children as her
i may not be as simply lovely as her
i may not be as sensational a mother as her or her or her or anyone listed above or all of you!

I know so many stupendous people! Sometimes it's hard not to compare myself and feel a little down. But lately I've been thinking that it's all okay. I'm so lucky to know each of you and to be able to learn from you! And I'm so lucky to be me! I'm so lucky to be a work in progress, trying to be a little more like each of you every day. But especially to try a little harder to be more like my Savior every day. It's the least I can do to show my gratitude for my greatest blessings:

my best-in-the-world husband
my cutest-in-the-world kids
my couldn't-come-any-better family
and YOU!!

********** if you're not listed above, don't worry! it's simply that i didn't have the time to go through everyone of you! listed above or not, i'm lucky to have each of you in my life**********


Linda said...

McKenna, you are one awesome girl, don't ever forget that!! I compare myself to everyone too and it always gets me down. But then I look around and count my blessings (like you) and it makes me feel better.

Sue said...

Oh my goodness, you are wonderful. Was I the only private one? It's never fair or fun to compare but so easy to do. Isn't it so great how different we all are! You have such a good perspective and you are lucky. :)

The Larson Family said...

. . . but you are a great writer!! I love all of your creative posts. I don't know how you think of them. And, just so you know, I think a lot of people would disagree with you on the things you think you aren't. I appreciate being included though. It really brightened my day!

The Clarks said...

McKenna You are just to cute. I love your blog. I would switch blogs with you in a heart beat for the chance to write like you. I love clicking on your blog and seeing this Long post. It makes my day. You are so word savvy and my mind just goes. You are a wonderful person and I am so happy to know you

Jobi Niu said...

How cute are you? You do have SO MANY of those qualities... Your husband is AWESOME and you two could NOT be more perfect for each other, your kids... ADORABLE freaking models.. You're really creative with your blog. Love ya! Miss ya!

Mandi said...

your awesome!! Loved the post! I think your great!

Abete and Tara Batini said...

McKenna, I don't know how long I have been following your blog or how I even came across it, but I do remember thinking your husband must do what mine does. I live in Pocatello and he works in Vernal, UT. It is tough but we are very grateful to still have a job. Everyone has been laid off. We have to look at the blessings in all things and we are very blessed. Thanks for checking out my blog. Keep up the posts!! I love reading how we are all different but share the same challenges and insecurities and also success and joy!!!

The Coopers said...

Oh good, Im glad that was him and he remembers me, otherwise I would feel like a complete fool!
So I met Lali through our mutual friend Jamie Mayhew, we were photography colleagues. Im so glad I have Lali here, I seriously dont know what I would do without her!
I have to tell you, you have the cutest kids ever! I can only hope I have cute kids like them:)

Addicted Fisherman, SlingShotGirl, and Ms. Drool-bug said...

I don't know how you could ever compare yourself to anyone! I look up to you in so many ways and one of my goals is to get Jared to look at me like Jason does at you (I don't mind being an open book either...sometimes I wonder if it's a curse).

I really enjoyed reading your questions and answers. It was fun!

journeytojohanssontown said...

You are such a sweetheart. And what a cute idea. A great way to tell people you love them. You made my day.

Kristin said...

your great! It is interesting that you might be feeling this way... i love/hate reading blogs sometimes because people post their "cool" stuff and then i have to compare and wonder why i don't run marathons or swimm 850 meter in 12 mins etc etc or then i really want a baby, the last one isn't so bad but ya get my drift!?

You are a wonderful mom and friend! We all just need a little validation!

So here to you

M, you have the most beautiful curly hair i have ever seen! You have amazing curves that i am very jealous of, you are good at sharing your feelings and making others feel comfortable to do so also. Your kids are always dressing adorably head to toe, although you are wonderful you are also real!

Oh Babe COBABE said...

Hey I was just remembering back in High School... Do you remember how you got Brett (or was it Brandon) Barney to win his first match...LOL!!! McKenna you are such a great friend and I LOVE your blog!!! Thanks for being you... I was just telling Josh the other day that your blog is one of my favorites because you are so real,there is nothing fake about you and I love that... I love how genuine you are!!!


M&M Kemp's said...

OK...the whole time I was reading that...I was this something she found off of halmark or something...nope...just out of your incredilby genious of a mind...and I LOVED it! You are so you seem to make time for my little life and so many others...just to brighten leaves me in are someone meant for great things!

M&M Kemp's said...

And Emery moved to Pinedale Wyoming! Anywhere near you?

Jason & Kelli West said...

McKenna, girl you are the greatest. everything that everyone has written here is SO TRUE!!! You are such a great kind loving person. You are all of those things that you think you are not. I love how you are so sweet, and you are a very good writer. You put your thoughts into the right words!! Love ya girl!