Saturday, October 10, 2009

Help me!! Runners needed!!

The "Fun Run" during gym in junior high. That's when my loathing for running began. I just didn't care and it was so frustrating that I was being forced. And timed. I didn't mind sports or other activities. But running just seemed boring.

So I haven't run in...a really, really long time. Really, really, really. Seriously. When I try, my joints hurt and my lungs burn and my boobs bounce (even with a supportive sports bra) and I just hate it! I don't mind that "feel good burn" of exercise. Sometimes it's hard to get motivated enough to start, but once I get going I like it. And I like waking up with stiff/sore muscles the next day. Not painful, but enough to know that I didn't something good the day before. I like pushing myself. I really like that. But running is different for me.

But I really want to change it! I don't know that I want to do races all of the time, but I know I want to say I've accomplished one. Because for ME, it would be a HUUUUUUUGE accomplishment.

See, I run on my elliptical every other day. I can go for quite a while. Several miles. But running and an elliptical machine are NOT the same. And running in Maryland is not the same as running in Wyoming. VERY different. This altitude is hard!

So, the help I need is this: Where do I begin?! Do I run outdoors or on a track or on a treadmill? (Although I think the fact that Jason is never here to watch the kids would mean I should probably get a treadmill, so I can run while they sleep). And then, what kind of treadmill do I get? Or instead of getting a treadmill should I get a membership at the rec center and run on their track and pay for the child care? (Although it's ridiculously priced and probably isn't even opened at the time of morning I want to run anyway). And do I start out walking or speed walking or jogging or just running? And how far do I go? And how long will it take before I notice a difference?? HELP!!

Seriously, ANY opinions and advice will be much appreciated. Because I want to start Monday morning. And if you don't comment, I'll have to figure something out on my own and I think if I have to do that I just might go cRaZy!! :)


Abete and Tara Batini said...

For what it is worth here is my advice--just start walking then add a jog to it for as long as you can. When I was jogging, it helped me to be on a measured track so I could mark my progress with each run. I started out with just one mile total and ran as much as I could (which was not much). Each day I pushed harder and ran to the previous days mark and then a little further. It really was not long before I was running 1/4 mile without walking (which again was a huge milestone). Then it was 1/2 mile run with total distance 2 miles. After a while I was almost running a full mile with brief walking along the way.

Overall...I think it is just get out there. Treadmill at home is very convenient, however running on treadmill did not give the accomplishment feeling like the track did. But do WHAT WORKS for you. Good luck and you will do great.

linda @ Craftaholics Anonymous said...

I'm so excited you want to start running!! I find it easier to run outside because it distracts me from how far I'm running when I can watch squirrels and trees go by. But I know that may not be poss with 2 kids and a busy hubby. When I started running (3 short yrs ago) I started running slowly and just going for like 8-10 mins and slowly built up from there. And I HATEd running at first. But after a couple weeks, I really enjoyed it. And it does get addicting. Your body feels amazing. Races are my fav. I didn't run a race until I'd been running for over a year because I was afraid people would laugh at me. But after I ran my first, I wished I'd done it sooner! They are so fun! Everyone cheering for you, people running all around you, and the excitement in the air. It's great!
Anyways, I just got back from a 8 mile run and am stinky, so I better hit the shower. Good luck!

Tiffany said...

i would recommend starting out doing what you can... start walking on 3.5 or 4.0 for 1/2 hour... i'd do the length before you do the speed. do 1/2 hour of what you can. if you have to slow down, slow down. but don't stop if you can help it. i would slowly increase your speed... that will also increase your distance. sooner vs. later, you'll be able to run longer and longer, and faster too! that's my recommendation. it has worked for me in my last 10 years of running! and ps. i'd get a treadmill. that way, if you have to run inside, you can... if you can go outside, it's much more fun and a better workout! but at least you'll have the option of running inside if you have a treadmill!

The Larson Family said...

I have an 8 week training schedule for training for a 5K. I tried to give it to you on Facebook, but you're not my friend anymore on there. What's up with that?!

Anyway, send me an email and I'll email it to you. It helped me a lot because it allows for walking at first and includes days for rest and cross training (elliptical for me). My email is

The Larson Family said...

Oh, and I prefer running outside, but I would LOVE to have a treadmill because how many moms of young kids can really do that? I think a treadmill or even elliptical at a high speed and moderate resistance work just as well. When I go outside I take a course that I measured using my car's mileage gauge. Also, if you can find a friend to go with you, it really helps so much. Again though, not always possible since your friend would most likely have young kids too and then there are just too many kids to be too productive.

One last thing. Don't be afraid of races. There are hard core runners there of course, but there are also lots of people who just want the exercise and feeling of accomplishment (like me). And people totally walk and jog during the race and it's no big deal, so don't be nervous about doing it. And most importantly, make sure you get a free shirt. I don't know why, but somehow it makes the effort worth it to me to hold that cheap t-shirt in my hands. :) Good luck!

jayni & ben said...

my friend hating running. But she found this 30 day program and LOVED it. I will see if I can get it for you. You start out slow. But she ended up running for 30 minutes straight by the end.

The Brandt Clan Fam! said...

Google the Couch to 5K plan. That's the one I started (obviously I'm stuck at the moment:) and I was LOVING it! I've also heard many great things about it. What's nice is that it is slow, so you don't feel like you're being pushed TOO hard. Lots of times you feel like pushing ahead, but if you stick to the schedule it works well! I can't wait to have this boy and get back to my normal exercise routine! So, let me know what you think!

r said...

I'm the last person to give advice about running :) But when I decided that I needed to become a runner, a friend gave me this website:

It's a training program that starts you off slow and builds you up. You run for 60 seconds, then walk for 90 for a total of 20 or 30 minutes, slowly building up to a 5K.

I'll be honest and say I didn't follow it, but I'm not running a 5K anytime soon. When I do go running, I follow the same idea, walk for my warm up, then run as far as I can, speed walk to catch my breath and run again, 2 or 3 times. I think the main thing would be to decide where and when and stick to it. That's my problem. Kids (my kids) make it hard for me to determine a time and place, but I lack some of the motivation too ;)

Anyway, enough rambling. Good luck :)

Jason & Kelli West said...

i use to hate running too. so i know how you are feeling. I just had to start. thankfully Wonderful Megan harris was there and became my running buddy. We would run down the canyon. she would push me until i really had to stop. each day got easier, and finally i was able to run the whole thing without stopping (3 and 1/2 miles). then i got pregnant and was totally sick. so i am now trying to get back into running.
treadmill and pavement are totally different. I still think the treadmill is waaay easier than outside but it is still good. if you have an ipod, fill it with songs that are upbeat that you can sing to in your mind! it really helps. if you were down here in utah i would totally go running with you. :)maybe we could do a race together in the summer or something. I have yet to do one. I need to get back up to where i was before the babies. good luck. just remember to stretch your shins so you avoid shin splints!

Jobi Niu said...

I've never really been a runner either, so I don't have a ton of advice for you.. I'm good at running when I'm playin a basketball game.. ha ha But I do have a treadmill that I SOOOO need to use. After I have this baby, my goal is to run a 5k next summer.. maybe the AF Steel Days one, or the 4th of July Freedom Festival one?? Not much, but it would be a HUGE accomplishment for me. SO, not much advice here. Sorry. I know the thing that Jayni is talkin about, I want to try it.

Liz Goble said...

It looks like you have a lot of friends with GREAT advice!! I am also NOT a runner....but when I started running consistently (as opposed to other exercise), I started losing weight and getting fit. The first thing I did was ask my running friends what brand of shoe they preferred (most said asics) and then I started out at a comfortable speed and ran as long as I could handle it....It was 4 minutes!! Totally pathetic....but the next day I ran for 4 minutes and then walked the rest of the route and the next two days I ran for 5 min. etc. In a year I lost about 20 lbs. Then I stopped being as consistent and gained 10 back. One other thing I found helpful was a few Running Magazines and Fitness Magazines that have articles posted online....because I didn't want to pay for the subscription....they have A LOT of good professional advice. I guess my advice would be consistency...because even though running only a few minutes a day prob. wasn't the workout of a being consistent I did eventually get into shape - and if I had pushed myself too fast and too hard in the beginning, I don't think I would have lasted a whole year. So whatever you decide to do, make sure it is something that is doable for you in your life circumstances...that way you'll have an easier time being consistent with it. GOOD LUCK!!!

Lindsay said...

I personally like running either outside in the summer but for fall and winter I love a treadmill! Plus I found an amazing webite. I found a great website called Cool Runnings. Well I googled "From couch to 5k in 3 months" And I went to the coolrunnings link and I found a great and easy to cope with system that totally gets you able to run and like it! Just wanted to share that with you!! Good luck!!!!