Friday, June 18, 2010

Jack's Bedroom Progress

Jack's room is on it's way! I have a super clear vision of it in my head and have found inexpensive products all over the place that I think will bring it together perfectly!! It's not exactly like the RH picture I posted before but I was only using the photo for inspiration anyway. And I think it's going to look even better than the picture, if only because we've made it our own.

I went shopping this week for a bed. I found a steal of a deal on a bunk bed and mattresses in Utah but with no way to get them back here I realized I was going to have to look closer. So I went to the only local furniture showroom that had bunk beds here in town. They had a few beautiful options. I knew they were good quality. But the bed alone was more than the deal in Utah and I would still need two mattresses. I thought about just getting a single twin bed for Jack, but when I started looking into it I realized that it would actually cost me the same amount for the bunk bed and mattresses as it would for the twin bed and mattress and box springs. So I just went with the bunk bed. It really was a good deal. Just not as good as the one in Utah. But by the time we rented a truck to get it here we wouldn't have been saving any money. And I hadn't seen the Utah bunk bed in person so who knows what the actual quality was.

The bed looks pretty much like this one.

So I'm happy with the bed I bought. And I can hardly wait for it to be delivered (for free) this Tuesday!! And Jack is so excited about his new bed. He was having so much fun in the furniture store climbing up all the ladders and trying them all out.

After purchasing the bunk bed we headed around town to find sheets and bedding. I had looked online and new what deals I could get on the things I wanted there, but I figured I'd check around town just in case. And I'm so glad I did! I found a killer sale and got some GREAT quality blankets and sheets for less then half of what I expected to pay online. The only thing I didn't find were the duvet covers I wanted. So I ordered the ones I'd found from overstock. They showed up today and I am in LOVE with them! I was a little worried about them after reading some of the product reviews (most everyone loved them but a few people said slightly negative things which freaked me out a tad) but they are exactly what I wanted! Now I'm even MORE excited for his bed to come so I can get his bedding all set up!!

The only thing missing on the bed are the decorative numbered pillows. I LOVE those RH pillows!! Initially I had planned on finding every. single. thing. for that room for less and then I would just splurge on those pillows because they're 1) super cute. 2) I don't sew, and 3) I don't think I'm going to find the right look anywhere else. I've been looking anyway, but so far no luck. Then I realized that the pillows are $22 a piece. And that's only the COVERS! So I'd have to buy the right size insert as well (which aren't too expensive, but still). I would want four of the pillows so that would be over $100 in decorative pillows. I just don't know if that's worth it or not. I'm still deciding. It might be if I can spend a whole heckuva lot less than I expect on everything else. But still. One hundred dollars for pillows? Anyway, I don't know yet. We'll just wait and see.

Aside from the bedding I still need to find some storage for his room. What I'd really like to do is find some quality pieces at yard sales and fix them up. But like the bed, I have no way to haul them. And the yard sales around here are seriously lacking. So I'm thinking I might go to Ikea and then maybe do a little painting/embellishing. I have some ideas that I think will be really cool. But we'll see. Still working on that.

As for accessories, I found a rug identical to the one in the RH photo for $70 instead of $180 at Ikea. Lamps are easy. I'm planning on just finding some at a yard sale or something, then painting them and adding some brown or navy ribbon to the shades. Window treatments I'm still working on. Any suggestions? I was thinking about doing some simple blue panels like the RH photo or even just making some. I can make curtains, right? But should I do a valance? Or panels? I need ideas.

As for the rest of the accessories in the room, since we are avid baseball lovers we're sticking with a vintage baseball theme as far as accessories go. I'll be framing Jason's old high school baseball jersey (after I tea stain it for a little added age) in a shadow box. His number was 09, which has continued to be his favorite number. So I thought I'd get the "0" and "9" number pillows to tie that in too.

I found a really cool old vintage bat, a catcher's mask, and an old glove for super cheap on etsy. I love cheap stuff. :) I also found some vintage wire baskets and metal bins for cute storage. I love them! I was thinking of adding a little chalkboard paint to the fronts of the metal bins for easy labeling. I also plan on painting and distressing some wood letters to spell out Jcak's name. Those will be pretty easy. Oh! And I found this adorable little baseball piggy bank!! The kids stash their change and birthday money in their Easter baskets and are constantly playing with and losing it. So I've been looking for piggy banks for them anyway. When I saw this guy I had to grab him!!

And last I found some really cool vintage metal signs from 50's Retro Signs to hang on the walls. I picked out a few black and white signs with quotes and photos of famous old baseball players like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and Shoeless Joe Jackson and a big American Flag. I can't wait to see them all up in his room! It's gonna look so great!!

Anyway, can you tell I'm a little excited about it? Hopefully it will all be finished sooner than later. And when it's done, it may just be the first room in my house that is fully and completely decorated!! Wouldn't that be something!


vaneblu said...

I'm loving the room too :)
And that piggy bank is just too cute!
I am going to need you to help me decorate my new house, I am LOST!

Jason and Bri said...

Oh I think its going turn out way cute, you'll have to post pics when done. Love the bunk bed your getting, I want to get a bunk bed for Bridger when we get a house. And am so excited to decorate and do the kids rooms when we get a house. Well cute, can't wait to see the finished product.

Shauna said...

LOVE the inspiration room, and I'm sure yours will look even better!!
As for the pillows, could you find some inexpensive plain pillows with the shape you like, then use a stencil and fabric paint for the numbers??

r said...

Sounds like it's coming together nicely! How exciting for you and him. Can't wait to see pictures :)

VFP said...

don't know how particular you are about storage, but I've got Rubbermaid containers and plastic drawers that fit nicely under a bed coming out my ears! holla if you want 'em, I'm cleaning house this week.

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