Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Soccer (AKA Summer Catch Up - Part I)

I signed the kids up for way too much this summer. I thought we would get bored and I didn't want to hear about it every single day. But I overdid it. Next year won't be so crazy. We LOVED everything we did, but I think we would have enjoyed a little more time to do nothing.

One of the things the kids did was soccer. Some friends of ours signed up to coach and asked me to help coach since they knew they would be gone some of the time and needed someone to take over. So I did. And I survived it. (At least at first. I felt bad towards the end. I had my second miscarriage and missed most of the last games due to that.) But anyway! Because I "helped coach" they let me sign Jack up even though he's too young. (I later learned why 3 year olds are considered "too young" to play.)

We'll start our tour with a picture of Payson shielding her eyes from the sun and Jack sneezing. Oh!! And notice the back of Jack's shirt! The girl forgot to give me the kids' shirts when I signed them up so I had to run and grab them right before their first game. Of course at that point they only had one size left. Way too big. So before every game we pulled their shirts back and twisted an elastic around it. Jack called it his "tail". Nice.

This day was picture day. Hence the cute hair. :)

Some of the other kids on the team during a practice. Aren't they so cute and tiny?

More of Payson shielding her eyes. Who knows what Jack's doing.

Payson did pretty well for a first timer. Jack loved it every game for the first 5 minutes. And then he was done. He cracked us up every game. Sometimes we'd tell him to run after the ball. He would. But he wouldn't stop running. Several times he just kept going. We just sat back and laughed. Occasionally we'd yell, "Run Forrest!" :) Maybe next year he'll like it better. If we do it next year. Who knows!!


The Larson Family said...

That's fun that they got to be on the team together and with you as coach! What a fun family you are.

We put Jayden in t-ball right after he turned 3 and he was mostly in his own little world. It was good for some laughs though :) I can just imagine Jack running and running and it cracks me up. Maybe you should put him in Pee-Wee Track next year!

vaneblu said...

Please come to DR and stay with us!!!!!
I used to play soccer in highschool and loved it!
I cant say it enough your two babies are to cute!

Lindsay said...

How fun! At least they got to run and get some of their energy out. Glad he liked his tail. Too cute!