Saturday, May 12, 2012

Heaven Is Here

Do you read Nie?  I don't.  Well, I didn't.  I knew of her story from the news, reading snippets on rare occasions, and from seeing her video on Mormon Channel.  But I didn't read her blog consistently at all.

Jason had special training this weekend, so we celebrated Mother's Day early.  He and the kids got up early before school the other day and surprised me with gifts and breakfast in bed.  One of the gifts was Nie Nie's book, Heaven Is Here.  I had heard of it and was interested.  I mentioned it casually once.  Jason remembered.  :)

I started reading it Thursday night.  I read in every spare minute this weekend, until I finished earlier this afternoon.

I don't think I can describe what I want to write right now.  I want to express the feelings I felt while reading, without them sounding ridiculous or cheesy.  But while reading I felt uplifted, inspired, and strengthened.  And the feelings are lingering.

I feel motivate to make so many changes in myself.  I feel inspired to be a better mother.  I feel honored and privileged to raise my children, even in the absolute worst moments.  I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to be on this earth in this family raising these children.

Pick up a copy for yourself.  And maybe your mother.  It is Mother's Day tomorrow, after all.  :)

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Scott+Kimber+Ruby=Scimby said...

I LOVE NieNie!!!! I've religiously read her blog for a few years, and I got her book for Mother's Day too!!! I read it every spare minute! I love her so much!