Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I love Uncle Dick

Today my mom called with some scary news. Uncle Dick had a heart attack and his heart stopped. I won't go into all the details, mostly because I was receiving them third-hand most of the time, and also because I'm sure a lot of you readers are family and heard them already from someone else. And because I haven't actually seen him yet and I don't want to get anything wrong and send anyone into a panic.

Anyway, so many things have been happening around me lately. So many friends, or friends of friends, or whatever have had tragedy hit their families and I've just been thinking about how grateful I am that our family is happy and healthy. And then the tragedy started to move in a little at a time.

I'm so glad that (from what I understand for now) he's okay. It sounds like the surgery went well and with some time he could be good as new. I just love that big, bald guy! I can't imagine not being able to laugh at his ridiculous jokes. I don't want to think about Teri alone. I don't want to see her or the any of kids missing him so much. I don't want to know what it would be like at the Astles' not having "naughty" words whispered into my ear at the most unexpected moment. I would hate to not be able to see him looking so not like the women you see at church but playing just as beautifully on the organ. I can't imagine him not being with us to walk around and see the Temple Square lights and always stopping at the old Tabernacle to listen to the music. I can't imagine watching the guys all ride off on their bikes for another motorcycle trip without him. There's just a lot I would miss terribly.

Anyway, I'm just glad you decided to stick around long enough for me to tell you that I love you, Uncle Dick.

Love, Your Niece


Paityn and Mark said...

That was really sweet Mckenna. Thanks.

Tressa said...

Aw crap. You made me cry. And he's going to be fine, but it still stings a little to think about how it could have turned out!