Thursday, November 29, 2007

Yummy Yummy Yummy I've Got Love in my Tummy

Last night we fed Jack baby food for the first time. He was so excited until the spoon touched his tongue and then, well, you'll see his face in the video clips. He's so funny!!

P.S. That's Payson screaming in the background. She was in trouble and throwing a tantrum in her room. Such a fun age!!


Scottie & Kimber said...
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Scottie & Kimber said...

Hahahhaa, it totally cracks me up to hear people talking to their kids on video. they sound hillarious, you kill me! Jack is SO DANG CUTE! I need one!

Ps...that removed comment was mine..i spelt a word wrong, so i had to fix it! i hate looking like an idiot!

Lauren and Tyson Fiala said...

That is so cute. We love how excited he was before he tasted it. What a cute baby!


HAHAHAh He is SO dang cute! I'm starting Bryton on solids in a few weeks.. crazy! you goin to lunch next Wed? I just got a text from Erin.