Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christmas is in the air!!

I get so excited at Christmas time!! The day after Thanksgiving I turned on the Christmas music, got all my Christmas decorations out of storage and set up the tree. I LOVE the Christmas season!
The Saturday after Thanksgiving we made a ginderbread house. Once Jason and I realized that we were incapable of making a house as pretty as the picture on the box, we just squirted icing all over the roof and walls and let Payson put candy all over. She loved it!

Payson (after a bath to clean the frosting out of her hair) posing in front of her Christmas masterpiece with Daddy.
They didn't turn out so great, but I was just taking pictures of our decorations for fun. I even shut the blinds, but there was still a glare in the window.
I need to buy matching stockings. Jack's is the oddball.

The ornaments on our tree keep getting rearranged because Payson can't keep her hands off! One ornament in particular (a puzzle bear) is always found in pieces on the floor so I just keep putting him back together and putting him higher out of reach on the tree. But somehow she finds a way to reach him!

This Santa is my favorite! I love white Santa's!! He's just so pretty.

Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone! We can't wait for all the family parties and festivities to start!

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