Sunday, November 4, 2007

Thanks, Tiff!

Tiffany (Austin) just told me how to edit the background to this and stuff so I've been playing around with it all night. Anyway, I think it's super fun! So thanks, Tiff!!


Scottie & Kimber said...

What, she did! Psh, she need to tell me how to do it too!!! (i love snooping into peoples lives too...i've been looking at all these people I used to know, but never talk to anymore. I feel so sneaky!)

Josh and Tiff said...

haha, no problem! i'm glad you were able to figure it out! now it'll only take you like 2 min. every time you want to change it!

Scottie & Kimber said...

hey, i tagged you!!! check out my bloggity blog.