Wednesday, February 18, 2009


For those of you who don't already know, when Jason and I got married we eloped. We showed up at the mayor's office in Rexburg, Idaho in jeans and asked the mayor to marry us. His secretaries were our witnesses.

Aside from the fact that my family was absent and it wasn't the temple, I wouldn't change a thing. Honestly. Okay, maybe I do wish I had pictures of my wedding day and everything. But I definitely don't regret it.

Our 'honeymoon' was spent in the Rexburg Days Inn. Fancy.

So this May is our 5 year anniversary. Our first "big" one!! We're taking our honeymoon. FINALLY!!

We didn't want to spend too much, so we decided to drive down to Vegas. We can drop the kids off with my parents on the way down. :)

We know he dates we're going, but that's about it so far. I haven't been to Vegas since I was a teenager. And most of the times I've gone we were just stopping through on our way to or from California.

So I need your help!! Which hotel should we stay at? Are there any amazing shows we should see? Any great restaurants we should eat at? Do you know of any deals we should take advantage of? Leave all the details you can in the comments! Can't wait to see what you suggest!!


aubrey said...

Being as that I just got back from Vegas last weekend, here are my findings:

1. Paris Breakfast Buffet and the Bellagio dinner buffet ROCK. Ok, so they don't exactly stick to your diet plan. But really, it will be so, so worth it. Am.A.Zing.

2. Cirque de Soliel's "zumanity" was highly recommended to me, and described as "a tasteful celebration of the human body and sexuality. sensual, but not dirty in any way" . . . yeah, it was basically a 2 hour porno. Lots of boobies. Lots of other stuff.

3. The "half price vegas show ticket!" kiosks on the strip are actually worth checking out. We got upgraded Zumanity tickets for 69, when the box office price for our seats was over 115. You have to go the day of the show to get tickets unless you are getting discount tickets for a buffet or restaurant.

4. Priceline's "name your own price" can be really awesome. We got a great room at Monte Carlo for less than $50 a night back in Sept. You do have to keep trying and search around (and sometimes the hotel prices for any given week SUCK and you have to just pay more) but you can usually find pretty good deals. We ended up staying at Stratosphere last weekend (all the hotels we super expensive) and while it was obviously older and not in the middle of the strip, our room was upgraded and it was clean and nice.

I have stayed at Ballys, it is another older one but the rooms are all renovated and very nice. Any of the big casinos are usually great to stay at. (new york new york, luxor, mgm, etc)

anyway, here's to a super long comment. The point of our trip was shop till you drop, so if you want any info on that let me know :P

Davis, Linda, and Gavin said...

You HAVE to see the water fountain at the Bellagio. They do water shows that go with music. It's fantastic! I love it! (it's been around for awhile, but it's Classic!)

Lindsay said...

Couldn't help you here. I have never been! my hubby tells me to go one day, yeah we will see! have fun though!!!

Kathlen said...

the stratosphere has a really cool roller coaster ride, not so cool if you are afraid of heights.

Randi said...

See a Cirque de Soliel show definitely! You can't go wrong with any of them.
My personal favorite hotel on the strip is the Bellagio! I just love it!

Kristin said...

So go to this site if you haven't already found it. You can search everything on it. Call me we went a few months ago and had allot of fun just the two of us.

Andrew and Charonne- said...

well we are not Vegas fans, so i have no advice, but have a blast!

Denise said...

As a rule I try to avoid Vegas, because it's just raunchy these days. BUT -- there are some really cool things to do/see there. Cirque de Soleil has great shows (although I agree, don't see Zumanity).

There are some headliner shows, too -- Cher is there right now, and so are Donny and Marie. And I think David Copperfield. If you're into any of that. There is also a production of Phantom of the Opera, but it's shortened from the Broadway version. Still, if you're a musical lover, that would be fun. And I heard they would be mounting The Lion King in Vegas, but I don't know when it opens. It might not be in time for your trip.

Priceline is a great way to go for rooms (check out or for tips on how to win a great bid). I can't comment on specific hotels because we stay with friends when we're driving through, or else we stay in Henderson, which kind of defeats the purpose of visiting Vegas.

Lots of the big casinos have fabulous buffets. Some are really pricey (but worth it). For free entertainment (to offset the price of show tickets, which can be high), definitely the Bellagio fountains. And when you're tired of watching the water show, go inside the Bellagio and walk through the lobby and conservatory. It's GORGEOUS! Some of the other hotel/casinos have free entertainment as well.

Have a great time! I probably wouldn't mind Vegas so much if we didn't always have our kids with us (we drive through on the way to Disneyland). I feel like I have to cover their eyes just to hide the billboards, lol. But for a couple's getaway I think you'll have a great time. Plus, if you go during the week, you can get WAY cheaper hotel rooms. They really jack them up on the weekends (and during conventions).

Paityn and Mark said...

Stay at South Point, It's where aunt Kristy used to live 10 minutes off strip, good prices and very nice because soooo new. they have great restaurants. Please eat at Lowrys Prime Rib. By far the best restaurant I have ever eaten at. Same with mark and my dad. go to the O show. that's it plain and simple. Do those 3 things and you'll love it there! oh wait go on the stratosphere ride the needle.