Saturday, August 21, 2010

From Jack

This boy is fun. You have no idea. You really miss out not living with him daily. Even Jason misses most of it. Poor guy. Unfortunately, I forget to write most of it down and then I forget. But we've had a few gems lately that I thought I'd share with you!

Jack: Mom! I'm getting bigger so I can PREACH THE GOSPEL! (said as if he were a super hero saving the world; sweet, sweet boy!)

Jack: Mom!! Watch me BARF!
Me: What?
J: Watch me BARF!
M: Watch you barFFF?
J: Yeah! Watch me BARF!
J: Woof!

#3 (my personal favorite)
Jack: (looking frustrated and dropping his pants, luckily not in public) Momma! My pee pee is UP and it won't! go! down!
Me: (trying not to laugh hysterically in his face) Just leave it alone and pull your pants back up and it'll go away.
(Jack, satisfied, pulls up his pants and sits on my lap.)
Jack: (thoughtfully) Momma? Do pee pees do that because they have powers?
Me: (again with the laughter) Yes, Jack. That's exactly right.

See why I love him so much? He just makes me smile!!


Lindsay said...

Oh the joys of Boys!! I love the Barf, woof one! To funny! And we had a awkward conversation about the "special powers" too. That needs to be a strictly dad isuue. I can handle everything else! What else are you supposed to say!? Too funny though!

Burgon Fam said...

-k- Azzlyn and Caelyn say the exact same thing when a dog barks he doesnt just bark...he too cute!

Randi said...

HAHAHA!!! Pee pees have powers. :) That is the funniest/cutest story ever!

Anonymous said...

pee pees do have powers!!!


that's my favorite too!!

Steffani Dastrup said...

SO funny! I wish I could meet this little Jack in person! I'll bet him and my Jax could be best friends!

Trish Griffee said...

oh that is hilarious!!!

Megan said...

LOVE these stories! Pee pees and their powers...what HAVE you been teaching your children?! :) So funny!