Saturday, February 5, 2011

You know that saying...

"It always gets worse before it gets better"?

That statement has so been proven true this weekend in regards to cleaning/organizing our apartment! Ugh. It's been a lot of work. But the end is finally in sight.

I had a couple of goals. One was to take down Christmas decor. What? You think it's weird that I still had Christmas up in February? I know. I'm ridiculous. But in my defense, my husband has been working out of town and I can't lift the things that need lifting in order to get all this stuff put away! So I was just waiting on his work schedule to give us any opportunity.

Goal number two had to do with that lifting I can't do. Because of the way our crawl space storage is we decided to get a storage shed to keep all our extra stuff. Most of the stuff is holiday decor, old kids' clothes/gear, and summer stuff. And pretty soon I'm going to need access to a lot of that baby stuff. With Jason away so much we figured getting some extra storage that I can easily access would solve a lot of problems. So we are in the middle right now of moving everything from the crawl space over to the storage shed.

And the last goal was just to CLEAN. Not the regular cleaning (which I'm not so great at keeping up on anyway) but DEEP cleaning. I don't know why but the spring cleaning urge always hits me at the beginning of the year. I just like to take one room at a time and de-clutter and deep clean. It makes me feel light. As much as I'd love to get the whole place done, I'm realistic. So my goal this week, along with the other two and everything else we had going on this week, was simply to deep clean the family room. In preparation for the new couch, of course.

So now Christmas is finally down, the family room is super spotless, and we're about halfway through re-storing and organizing all of our storage. I'm exhausted, but it just has me motivated to keep it up next week. Unfortunately, Jason is flying out for work on Monday, so it'll just be me to all the work. But all that's left is deep cleaning the rest of the apartment. So if I take it one room a day, this place will be spotless in no time.

Don't you love the feel of a perfectly organized and clean home??


Denise said...

"Don't you love the feel of a perfectly organized and clean home??"

YES! I do. At least, I think I do. Yes, I'm quite certain I would, were I ever to experience it. *sigh*

r said...

I love the feeling of an organized and clean home. I just really HATE the process that gets me there :) You are motivating me to do some much need deep cleaning though. Maybe I'll start.......tomorrow...

PS Couch and pillows: Gorgeous. Love the blue and yellow pillows in particular. Anything for baby :)

Trish Griffee said...

I do love that feel for the whole 2 hours it lasts while my kids take naps:)

Lindsay said...

I also love that when you have a perfectly clean house no one ever just shows up to visit or drop by so they can witness the beauty...They wait until you are having an off day and your kids are mini tornados and it is back to a mess! Why is that? But way to go. I should follow your lead this week! Spring cleanning here we come ~ Dust bunnies beware!!