Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Week

Now I know that TRUE happiness comes from so many NON material things. And I feel like even on my bad days, when I do the things that I feel make me happy, I am truly, truly happy. But this post isn't about THAT kind of happiness!!

This is about things that bring pure material happiness. :) And I'm feeling it today!

You see, First, earlier this week (Tuesday, actually) my BEAUTIFUL leather sectional was delivered!!! An dit's better than I remembered it being in the showroom. I'm so in love! It's so comfy and pretty and EASY TO CLEAN! I'm in heaven.

And 4 of my 5 pillow orders have shown up! I'm still waiting on the blue pillows. And pillow forms. But so far I'm loving each on that has arrived! I just can't wait to get them on the couch and all set up!

My goal is to have throws and pillows all set up, as well as accessorizing the wall behind the sectional and a few other spots, by the end of February. I told Jason that for Valentine's the only gift I wanted was the gift of him not wasting money on flowers or gifts so I could spend it on a few little things I have planned in my family room. Awful? Probably. But that's me, I guess! :) I can't wait to have it all together and post pictures! Because already it's a whole new room!

And last, today I had a REAL dishwasher installed in my kitchen!!!!!! We have lived over 2 years now without a dishwasher. I noticed that the maintenance people were adding them when anyone moved out. Then another neighbor friend asked for one and got it! So I asked if we could get one too. And they ordered it right away! So now I have a brand spankin' new dishwasher in my kitchen. I can't wait to dirty some dishes tonight and use it! I don't have to wash dishes by hand anymore!!! Yay!!

Again, all super shallow things, I know. But they have me in a good mood this week. I just can't wait to get things together and show everyone pictures!!! Hope you're all having a happy week too!!


Jobi Niu said...

Those would put me in a GREAT MOOD as well!! Shoot... how exciting!! I'm happy for you.

jessicaksteen said...

YYYYYIIIIIIPPPPEEEEEEEE for the dishwasher!!! I was going to ask you if you had asked for one yet! I was insanely excited to use mine for the first time. I love it!!!! And I can't wait to see your couch!

Lindsay said...

I just posted about something worldly too and I say that it might be a wate of money or a superficial thing, but if it makes you a better wife and mommy because you are happier or clamer or rested because of it, then go for it and it is just fine!! We spend most of our lives now giving to others - either kids, hubs or church or whatever. We need things for us and our sanity too! So yay for new a couch, pillow and dishwasher!!

Mandi said...

So exciting!! can't wait to see the couch and the cute pillows and the wall. Your so awesome. Can't wait. :)