Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Some things really should be planned out better.

I started a project last Saturday. File Folder Games. From this site. They're awesome. And there are TONS to choose from.

Anyway, I had this genius idea. I was going to download a TON. Because they're only a buck! I have five. And my kids have used and abused them. I wasn't smart enough the first time around. I laminated the game and the pieces, but not the entire folder and now they are falling apart. Anyway, we needed new ones. So I downloaded a ton. For cheap! And I was going to put them all together and punch holes in them and throw them in a 3-ring binder and haul it to church to entertain the kiddos every week. I joked that the binder would be like my husband, my extra set of hands when he wasn't there to help me. :)

Another reason my plan was genius? Because the first time around I had black and white pages that I had to color. Blah. It took me 4 straight sessions of conference a few years ago. So if I got them online I could download and print the color copies!! Sweet! Time saver!

Part three of my genius plan? I was going to keep a copy filed away on paper and make a copy on cardstock to use. The paper copy would come in handy when a piece was lost or a game was ruined. I could easily duplicate the missing piece of recreate the game without having to re-download or pay for anything.

Well, after spending an entire afternoon on Saturday browsing, downloading, and printing (and also running to the store for more ink cartridges because these suckers take up a LOT of ink!), I realized I had gotten myself into a much bigger project than anticipated.

Cost of ink alone had more than tripled my planned cost. Geez!!! Then I still needed to make copies! And cut, and laminate, and cut, and buy folders and velcro and binders, etc.

Turns out my quick $20 or so project has turned into 4 straight days of my life and over $150. YIKES!!!! I was joking with Jason and a friend that if I expect this project to last for at least 10 years, I've spent about $0.25 a Sunday for those following 10 years. Just wish I could have spread out the cost...and time...a little.

So far I have browsed, downloaded, printed, cut, glued, laminated, and cut some more. I still have plenty of cutting left to do, as well as adhering velcro and punching holes to put the folders in the binders. But there is finally an end in sight! I'll definitely post pictures of the crazy awesome, crazy difficult process later this week...that is, IF I finish it all this week! :)


Mandi said...

What a good mom you are. Your kids will love it. Can't wait for pictures. Hope your doing well! Promise updates this week on my blog. :)

Scott+Kimber+Ruby=Scimby said...

I remember my mom doing some of those file folder games, I remember coloring them with her!

I still want to see pictures of your couch!!!! ANd you're 20 weeks! When do you find out what you're having?! I need a baby update!

vaneblu said...

This look super fun!!! Please show us the result!