Thursday, March 31, 2011

I have so many thoughts and experiences to write down. The last almost 3 weeks has been the most difficult and most incredible of my life. And nothing even happened to ME. But I am so grateful for the test because I am learning so much! Maybe this weekend with conference things will be calmer and I will have time to share some incredible miracles I've seen recently. I need them written before I forget. Until then, I'm so tired I can barely type. Good night.

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Lindsay said...

I am still sorry for you loss of late. And hope that you have a very fulfilling confrence weekend. It always is a great couple of days for sure. And I would love to be your long distance workout buddy! Thanks for your sweet comments. It's hard work sometimes so pictures help to keep you going to see that yes it really does pay off! Hope everything else is good with you and yours!