Saturday, September 10, 2011

Blessing Lucas

On Sunday, September 4th we blessed Lucas in my parents' ward. It was Labor Day weekend, so the event was super small. Everyone seemed to be out of town. Which was just fine. I hardly took any pictures. One of the five of us all together. (Please ignore the fact that I've gained four trillion pounds and haven't even begun to try to think about losing them. Also, ignore Jason being a goof and throwing his leg across my lap. Weirdo.)

One of my baby boy in all white. Every time I looked at him and thought about the symbolism of that color I teared up. My beautiful, perfect baby boy.

He wore the same outfit that Jack wore for his blessing. I don't love the options they have for little boys blessing clothing. Mostly I think they're cheesy. I remember buying this because I disliked it the least of everything I found. But when I pulled it out and tried it on Lucas I loved it! He just looks so sweet!! Seriously. Look at that face!!

Anyway, the whole weekend was so nice. Saturday, we took the kiddos to a dollar matinee and out for frozen yogurt. Cheapest family date ever! But the kids loved it and Lucas was super good through his first movie. Sunday was just a sweet day. Jason blessed Lucas and then after the block we had a super yummy dinner with family and our favorite friends. We all visited and played games and it was just a nice day. I love days like that. There was nothing extraordinary about it, but it was just a lovely day. Then on Monday Jason headed to Colorado for golf and work and the kids and I hung out with family. It was a perfectly lazy Labor Day. We had breakfast at Cracker Barrel (which has somehow become a Labor Day tradition) and then went back to my mom and dad's to just relax all day and watch movies. The kids swam and played and Lucas and I took a much needed nap together. Just a great weekend!

Being close to family again has been so nice! There are so many people that I miss since we moved. I wish I could just bring them all with me. But spending time with my family so often has made it a little easier. Especially with Lucas here. I hated the idea that they would miss all of these early, precious moments in his life. I love seeing everyone with him. It's so fun the way a baby changes everyone. Having him here just makes me so happy!!!!! Seriously can't get enough.

Speaking of baby, Lucas is getting SO big!! Seriously! He's such a little monster. He's growing out of his clothes faster than I can keep up. But each new milestone is so, so fun! He's been smiling and cooing so much the last couple of weeks. I love it! He's awake more often, which is so fun. He's still such an easy baby. He's generally happy. People constantly see him sitting so peacefully and ask me if he's always like that. Yep! He is! I'm so lucky. I just love this boy so much. I have the best family. I was telling Jason the other day how lucky I feel because even at their worst, we have the BEST little family ever. Love love love them!!!

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The Lewis Family said...

it was awesome to see you and your sweet family! it was a beautiful blessing :)