Wednesday, January 25, 2012


After reading two financial books this month (Financial Peace Revisited and Total Money Makeover, both by Dave Ramsey, both HIGHLY recommended!) I needed a break! Not from reading, of course, but from reading so much seriousness. So I downloaded this to my Kindle:

And now I'm obsessed. I read it so fast and immediately downloaded the sequel, Catching Fire, today. I'm about 50 pages in already. And I'm hooked. I couldn't believe where the last book ended!! And I'm pretty nervous this one will leave me hanging as well. Grrr!

My sister's gave me exactly what I asked for for my birthday this year. A "sister date". :) They will be treating me to dinner (they're cooking!!) and a movie (my choice!!), just the three of us hanging out. Halfway through the book I called Madie, who's already read it, and told her that this was my movie choice! We'll have to wait until March, but I'm so excited!! I love the cast they've chosen and I'm so excited to watch!

Anyone else read this trilogy? What do you think?


Anonymous said...

LOVED it! I can't wait for the movie, even though I'm preparing myself for disappointment (just in case).

Loved, loved, loved it.

I bought all of the books and read them all within 2 days each. My family was slightly neglected for a bit, but it's all for the greater good, right?


Scott+Kimber+Ruby=Scimby said...

I can't believe you've not read these before!!!!! I LOVE THEM!! I've read them all 3 times, and I really need to read them all again before the movie comes out. I even got Scott to read them (he is NOT a reader) and he likes them....more than he'll admit I think!

Megan said...

I also loved them...the first more than the rest. It's nice to have a little fiction to break up all the seriousness of life!! Sister date night sounds so fun! I'm jealous!

Denise said...

Ah, you're doing it the smart way, waiting for the whole series to be done, then reading all at once. I had to wait, breathless with anticipation, for each new book to come out. So frustrating! I will say that even though I loved the series as a whole, I didn't love the third book. But yes, you are not alone in your obsession!

r said...

LOVED them. I can't wait for the movie as well :)

Steffani Dastrup said...

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