Saturday, February 25, 2012


Life has got me laughing a lot lately, so I thought I'd share a few funnies.

The other day I overheard Jack talking on his toy cell phone. It sounded like a pretty serious conversation. "I'm sorry. We're just not debt free yet, Dave!" So I asked Jack who he was talking to. Looking at me like I was brain dead, he says, "Dave Ramsey, Mom!" Duh!

Then yesterday my little sister Mare got her wisdom teeth removed. We went over in the afternoon to take her juice and ice cream and other mushed food she could eat and to just hang out and keep her company. My parents were given strict instructions to video Maren, just in case she was funny, after her surgery. Although it's said that girls are generally less funny and more emotional than boys. And they tend to come out how they went in. Maren was anxious and weepy, so they weren't expecting much funny.

Turns out, Maren was a crack up! We watched the video and we were all laughing pretty hard. There's a good 45 minutes of goodness. Oh man. And Jack has been quoting her all morning. :) It's hilarious!

Maren made awesome facial expressions, sang like a pro, and fought ninjas. At one point she even pressed imaginary buttons on her arms while making "button noises", and then said into her imaginary intercom, "Buzz Lightyear, to the rescue!" Ha ha ha ha ha!!

My mom tells Maren in the car that she's very "glassy-eyed". Maren asks, "What does that even mean?!" Mom tells her it's just because of the drugs and Maren starts to cry. "Did I smoke?! Did I drink beer?!" It's hysterical!!! And Jack has been reminding us of all the good parts all morning long. :)

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Laura said...

hahahaha!!!! I'm laughing at all of your funnies!!