Thursday, January 31, 2013

Two months ago we went to Disneyland (Day 4)


Day four was California Adventure!  I grew up going to Disneyland a lot.  Jason, Payson, and Jack went to Disneyland for the first time in 2009.  But none of us had ever been to California Adventure.  First, we headed straight to Cars Land and posed for some pictures!

One of my favorite things we did for this trip was to purchase Disney's PhotoPass Plus before we went.  They have photographers set up at different locations to take your picture, which was great!  Jason and I could both be in a lot of the pictures instead of having one of us behind the camera.  While we were waiting to meet Lightning McQueen, one of the photographers took a couple of great pictures of Payson and Jack.  

Those two are such great friends and these are some of my favorite pictures we have from our trip!  Then we got to meet Lightning himself.

 We rode one ride in Cars Land and then headed to Bug's Land because the lines were already crazy long for Cars rides.

Bug's Land was okay.  Not the most exciting, but the kids enjoyed it.

Lucas was super bummed when he was too small to ride.  It was heartbreaking.

We had been warned to sit near an exit for the "It's Tough To Be a Bug" show.  The cast members in the park said it could be intense for little kids.  Surprisingly, Lucas loved it even more than some of the rides in Fantasyland!

Grizzly River Run was a lot of fun.  We prepared with ponchos, but ended up soaked anyway!  Jack skipped the poncho and looked like he had stood under a waterfall when we were done.  It was pretty funny.

We tried the swinging gondolas on the ferris wheel and then made a mental note to never do that again. We all felt pretty nauseous by the time we were done.

We took advantage of the rider swap on a lot of rides.  Jason would ride with one of the older two kids, while I waited with Lucas and the other older kid, and then we would switch.  Here are Payson and Lucas waiting while Jason and Jack rode the Hollywood Tower of Terror.

I had been on this one as a teenager in Disney World and knew what to expect.  It's one of my favorites!  Payson is pretty adventurous and likes the bigger rides, but Jack wasn't so sure about this one.  Here he is clinging to Jason in fear.  :)

The guy in front of us put his hand right in front of Payson's face when she and I rode.  :(  But she loved this ride!  I think she ended up riding it four times total.

Another perk of the Photo Pass that I mentioned earlier is that all of your ride photos are included.

Another ride Payson loved was California Screamin!  She rode this one several times, as well.  This was the only ride Jack was too short for and he was pretty bummed.  Hopefully next time!!

We really enjoyed the Sorcerer's Workshop, Turtle Talk with Crush, and Animation Academy, too.  Next time I hope we can spend a little more time there.

The kids loved talking this little quiz to find out what Disney character they were most like.  Mickey for Jack and the Evil Queen for Payson!!

The Newsies came by with Mickey several times throughout the day singing about a suitcase and a dream.  The kids loved waving at Mickey and getting high fives from some of the news boys.

At the end of day four, we staked out a front row spot for the World of Color show.  We were dead center.  It was crowded, but we had a great view!  Luckily we had our ponchos again, because we got soaked that close!

Gorgeous girl waiting for the show to begin.

Jack passed out in Lucas's stroller while we were waiting.  He wouldn't wake up when the show started.  Luckily he had his poncho on already.  We tucked him in and left a little hole for him to breathe through and he stayed like this through the entire show, despite the noise.

And here's Payson, posing with her light up Minnie ears after the show.

It was another long, exhausting, and awesome day.


Liz said...

I went on that swinging ferriswheel ride once; it was just Andrew and I and they stuck us with a couple of teenage boys. The boys were pretty bummed when I quickly informed them that they were no longer allowed to swing our gondola because I would probably throw up on them if they did! Your trip looks so fun; I LOVE disneyland!

Bugs said...

We were there just after
thanksgiving. We had a blast but didn't get as many pics as you did. Your kids are growing up so fast. what a cute little family! and it looks like you know how to do Disney. we have been three times with the kids and there were things you did I didn't know about. Very cool.

ashley said...

im so jealous of this trip. can we come next time...pretty pleaaseee?