Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Two months ago we went to Disneyland (Day 5)

Day 5 was our least exciting, but a much needed day!  My parents and sisters drove to Vegas the day before and then finished the drive to California that morning and met us at church.  We met them at one of the wards I grew up in.  It was fun to see a few familiar faces after so many years.

After that we headed to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants for lunch, then back to the hotel.  Lucas and I took a MUCH needed nap while Jason took Payson and Jack to the pool.  

Apparently, they stopped by the exercise room on their way back and Jason let them play on the treadmill.  They caught this hilarious little clip while they were there.

That night we just hung out at the hotel and rested.  We all needed it.  We did some laundry and watched movies in our hotel room.  And even after a nap, we all crashed pretty early.

Aren't those boys handsome?????

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