Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Two months ago we went to Disneyland (Day 6)

Day 6 was a LONG day!  But it was definitely one of my favorites.  We got to Disneyland bright and early again.  We had to be at the front of the gates.  My parents and sisters met us there and we posed in front of the floral Mickey for a quick picture.

Then it was on to Main Street to goof around while we waited for the rope drop!

First stop was Peter Pan!

The Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and Dumbo.

The kids tried their hardest to pull the sword from the stone.  I'm so bummed that Merlin doesn't come out and do the Sword in the Stone Ceremony anymore.  Jack was pretty bummed too.  One year when I was a teenager Brennan was chosen and pulled the sword, so our family got special treatment at Disneyland all day!  It was amazing!

I sat out on the teacups this time, as did my mom.  But everyone else had fun!

Then we met a few princesses.  

After Tiana and Mulan, we saw Merida.  There was a cast member working with her who was actually from Scotland, so he had a great accent!  He said it was a bummer for him though.  Everyone else gets to rotate around the park, but he never does because they love that he has the real accent.  Poor guy.

We also met Tink!!  This was one of the benefits of the PhotoPass Plus.  You can ask a cast member if they do "magical poses".  They tell you how to pose and then when you claim your pictures later something "magical" appears, like this Tinkerbell!  The kids loved it.

We hit Splash Mountain a few times, which is one of my faves.  Jack LOVED it again.

I loved riding with Maren.  She was petrified, which made the ride that much more fun.  :)

We also hit the Haunted Mansion and a few other rides.  We stopped for lunch at Cafe Orleans again for Monte Cristo sandwiches and Mickey beignets.  Delicious as usual!  Then we caught a little pirate band and let the kiddos dance.

Love these two so much!!

And these two!  They are my favorite sisters ever!

 Space Mountain was another must.  The last time we were at Disneyland it was the one attraction that was closed, so this was Jason's first time.

This time, Indiana Jones was down which was a huge disappointment.  I'm just using it as an excuse to go back sooner rather than later.  :)

After we hit all the rides we had planned for the day, we staked out a spot super early for Fantasmic!  We planned on getting a spot about 2-3 hours early, but noticed people lining up about 5 hours early!!  We got lucky and found a semi decent spot in the front and just hung out taking pictures and goofing around for a while before the show.

And then the magic began!!!!

I don't know what it is, but Fantasmic! always makes me cry.  It's ridiculous.  But it was so much fun to  share something so magical from my childhood with my little family for the first time.

After the show, everyone stayed put to watch the fireworks show while Jason, Jack, and ran to hit Big Thunder Mountain, which we had missed earlier in the day.

By then we were all drained!  So we caught one last picture on our way out of the park, and headed home to crash once again.

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