Thursday, April 11, 2013

A million years ago we went to Disneyland!! (And I'm finally on the last day!!)

So it's now four months later and I'm finally finishing posting about our Thanksgiving break vacation.  Obviously, I'm really on top of things!

Our final day, we packed up our hotel room and checked out, then headed to the beach house for one last morning at the ocean.

Here are two of my three handsome boys soaking up their last day in the sun!

The kids caught sand crabs with Grandpa.  Lucas was especially fascinated!

Jack was buried in the sand and turned into a very muscular merman, sea shell nipples included.

My gorgeous sisters played and played and played with the kids.  They LOVE their aunts!  And their aunts love them.  We have such a great family!!!

The old folks hung out in beach chairs for the most part.  

I snuck in a little sister time.  I really can't say enough how much I love having these two as my little sisters.  They are the best sisters EVER!!

My handsome boys.

Can't remember what was so funny, but I just love this face!

Grandma, the eternal photographer.

The kids fed the seagulls and pigeons plenty of goldfish crackers.

Last, we took a shadowy family picture and wrote our names in the sand before saying goodbye.  :(

We were so sad to leave California and head home!  If it weren't so expensive, I think we'd move there in a heartbeat.  Farewell California!  Until next time!!

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