Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Goals and Rewards

I'm guessing that anyone who has ever tried to lose weight has heard that you should set goals and treat yourself to some kind of reward when you reach those goals.  And I agree.  We all need to give ourselves a gold star when we achieve something hard.

I have been a quitter all of my life.  I feel like the first thing I really accomplished something bit was last year when Jason and I paid off all our debt.  I mean, I've accomplished little things, but that was the first time I really set a goal, mapped out a plan to reach that goal, had a method to track the goal, achieved the goal, and we rewarded ourselves for that goal.  I feel like that was one of the biggest reasons that we succeeded at that particular goal.

So now I'm trying to recreate that process with a new goal in mind.  Weight loss.  I feel like if I do it right this time around, I'll definitely reach my goal, just like before with debt.  But I feel like I'm doing it a little backwards.  The goal is too general.  There are no rewards in place.  There is some organization and planning, but not quite enough.  And there are no rewards.

In fact, I've reached a few little goal marks so far with no reward.  :(  No gold star for me.  Not because I didn't earn it.  Not because I didn't want to celebrate it.  Simply because I didn't plan for it.

I have thought of about a gazillion ways to reward myself for my hard work and progress.  There are always the typical mani/pedi, some kind of new workout gear, a new bag or accessory, a facial or a massage.  But none of those really work for me.  I do my own manis/pedis.  If I need new workout gear, I budget for it and buy it.  If my body hurts enough, I go get a massage or make Jason do it.  :)  So I've been trying to think outside of that box.

It finally came to me today!  The one thing I have always wanted to do when I reach my ultimate weight goal (and something that will be a need, too) is to go on a huge shopping spree for a whole new wardrobe.  Picture What Not to Wear.  I've always dreamed of being nominated after I lose all the weight I want to and getting that $5,000 to buy all new stuff with Stacy and Clinton.  I'm so bummed this is their last season!  

But I digress.

I can't wait to be able to shop in any store I want and buy the things that I like now, but don't ever buy because they aren't in my size or won't look good on my current body.  My body will change so much between now and then that I'm going to need all new clothes anyway, right?

What I'm thinking is that I should figure out how many pounds I ultimately want to lose exactly.  (Right now there's just a general numerical range in my head.)  Then figure out how much money I want to spend on all new clothes (think underwear, shoes, socks, pajamas, workout clothes, dresses, accessories, bags, EVERYTHING!).  And then divide the amount I want saved by the number of pounds.  Then every five or ten pounds (whatever I come up with) my reward will be to set that amount of cash aside towards my big spending spree.

It's going to be a whole lot of fun to watch the number on the scale go down and the amount in savings go UP!  


Hilary said...

What a great idea! You can do it!

Liz said...

Yes! I love that you tied it in with your success at budgeting, so now when this gets hard you can remind yourself that you can set and make hard goals. Once I tried giving myself a dollar every time I worked out. I went to the bank and loaded up on $1 and got about $10 worth before I slowly stopped working out again. Maybe if I had made it a bit of a larger goal than such a small goal/reward it would have helped me more. The best thing that has helped me was enlisting my sisters to keep me accountable. We live to far away to work out together, but we email each other at the beginning of the week what our fitness goals are and we email each other throughout the week if we are keeping to our goals. It helps keep me motivated because I don't want to send to many emails stating that I was too lazy to work out, and when I read their emails that they worked out even though they had a super busy/tough day, it reminds me that I can't give into excuses and also need to work out. So I definitely think the buddy system helps, even if your buddy is across the country. And half my neighborhood decided to go to Zumba class twice a week, so it also helps that somebody frequently shows up on my doorstep to take me to workout. The buddy system with neighbors has also been a huge help for me. I'm so excited to see your new wardrobe!

Mrs.Lewis said...

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