Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ahhhh, my guilty pleasure returns! And he's British!!

Like so many, at the conclusion of every season I vow "never to watch this stupid show again!" And then I find myself anxiously awaiting it's return to prime time. The girls are always beautiful and dramatic and immature and petty and just down right pathetic. And the bachelor is always handsome and wealthy and charismatic and a man whore!! And he never chooses the girl he should. And they never end up staying together. The happily ever after is a total illusion. (With the exception of Trista and Ryan and their sweet baby Max who are so super cute!!) (Isn't it ridiculous that I know even that much about these strangers' lives?)

Anyway, I hate this show! I love this show! I love to hate this show! And I hate how much I love this show. I made sure to be home to watch the season premier last night. I planned to pack the kitchen so that I could see the television while I worked. I even rescheduled Lola's puppy training class so that I could be home for the anxiously awaited first rose ceremony!!

I was pleasantly, and unpleasantly, surprised! From the commercials I thought that this season's bachelor seemed to be a snooty Brit here for some good old American celebrity and a little hot tub action. I still have no doubt that this is true to some extent. However, he gained some of my respect when he denounced a drunken bachelorette for slipping her panties down his pants! Are you kidding me? HAVE SOME SELF RESPECT! I mean, I know that these women are already shredding their reputations by appearing on a ridiculous reality TV show and throwing themselves at complete stranger, but COME ON! Ultimately, as I'm sure some of you saw, she passed out drunk on a bathroom floor.

As for the rest of the vying vixens, I was not particularly impressed. I have no favorites. They are all stunningly beautiful. And there were some impressive talents! Playing the guitar and singing, playing the clarinet, some crazy dance moves, and my personal favorite, tearing an aluminum can with your teeth! Who wouldn't jump right on that?!

Anyway, I guess I'll just have to continue to watch the sobbing, rejected women, the first date make out sessions, the catty girl fights, and the suspenseful announcements of twists and turns by the beloved Chris Harrison until someone catches my eye.

So tell me, friends, what did you think?


Jason & Kelli West said...

I totally watched that last night! I feel the same way about it as you do. THe guy gained my respect, then i saw him making out with all the girls in the preview for the show!! The girls as seem "eh" to me! But I know it will be full of fun drama1 sometimes you just want to yell a them! O000h- you know what would be funny...if they let the bachelor watch the videos of the girls in the house when he is not around! That way he could see their REAL personalities and problems! lol..hhehehe!!

Tressa said...

I totally watch the Bachelor...I haven't watched this week's episode yet, but I will soon. I was out of town, but I DVR'ed it.

Scottie & Kimber said...

oh my gosh, I LOOOOOVE this season's Bachelor, why wouldnt I, he's BRITISH! ahhh, he's so cute and he seems really sweet. That girl STACY( sparkly blue dress/ panty girl)....what a nut case!!!!! She HAD to have been more than just drunk, she's probably a tweeker too! man, i could not believe her. This season's looking good though, I'm excited to keep watching!