Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another Tag!

The Rules: Tell 10 interesting/weird things about you, when finished, tag 3 other people!

1. My parents used to sing a song to me and my little brother when I was probably too young to care, but still. It went like this: Devin, Devin sent from heaven. But we got McKenna at the 7/11. True story.

2. I pop everything all the time. My back, my neck, my toes, my ankles, my fingers at every knuckle, my thumbs, my's gross. But I LOVE IT!

3. I don't like to kiss my husband when he hasn't shaved. It pokes my face and I hate it.

4. I pick at my face like crazy. I developed this horrible habit from my mother. I actually enjoy popping pimples. However, unlike her (sorry to out you, Mom) I only pop my own.

5. I don't iron. Jason will tell you I don't know how, but that is false. I just am no good at it and it's so boring. So rather than making someone else do it for me, I just don't buy things that need to be ironed.

6. I need massages all the time. I make Jason give me massages every week. I love them. When I'm pregnant, I milk all the massages out of it I can.

7. I refuse to clean the toilet. I don't pee on the seat. Why should I have to clean it up?

8. I don't think I've ever gotten "enough" sleep. Even in high school, before children, I could sleep like nothing you've ever seen!

9. I only recently stopped biting my nails off. And I still do it every once in a while. But all growing up I would chew them down until they would bleed. I have no clue why.

10. I still seep with my baby blanket. Payson loves it so I put her to bed with it and then sneak in and steal it back after she's fallen asleep. I use it as a pillow and my neck hurts when I don't have it. Plus, I still like to rub my fingers on the little triangle fringe things along the edges.

I tag.....Aubree, Kassie, and Catherine.


Aubree said...

Actually, things changed. I can't do lunch anymore... but I could do an early dinner. Sorry, is that possible tomorrow around 5pm?

The Lewis Family said...

lol, oh wow about the baby blanket, I so still have mine, but Jasmin uses it now and I don't steal it away, I used it as a head blanket, to cover my mom gives me crap for still having the thing, so that makes me laugh that I am not alone in that.