Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I just need to post something!

No pictures, no fun stories, no exciting happenings in our lives. I just need to get rid of the last post. How boring am I?

So, I guess I could post about the Fourth. But I forgot my camera, so there are no photos. We had an afternoon family swim party and then a barbecue at my Aunt Teri and Uncle Dick's. They live in Provo in the foothills so we had an AMAZING view of the Stadium of Fire fireworks show from their back deck without the heat and discomfort of actually going. And without having to pay for tickets. I'm cheap. What can I say?

So that was fun. I love getting together with family and I hadn't seen the Lethbridge side in quite a while.

Then this weekend we have a Cox family reunion, Mom's side. I wish we still did our annual three day camp out, but hanging in Richfield for the weekend is fun too. I'll make sure to take my camera to that one, so stay tuned!!

Anyway, Jack's up from his nap so I'm off to change what is I'm sure a nasty diaper. =)

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