Saturday, June 28, 2008

Who doesn't love FREE stuff?!

So a friend of mine (thanks, Michelle!!) posted this on her blog the other day and I think it's too great not to share! I think Sudoku is fun, but Jason L.O.V.E.S it! So I got it for him. I just got an email that it's already shipped and it didn't cost me a dime!! Anyway, here it is:

Here’s a fun travel activity for kids and parents…a Sudoku electronic puzzle game, regularly priced at $49.99, and on sale this week for $10 from Use the Google Checkout promotion discount of $10 and pay $0 out of pocket. Great for road trips, plane rides, and all-around entertainment anywhere, and it even comes with batteries!

1.) Click HERE to access
2.) Click the Weekly Advertised Deals tab at the top of the page
3.) Click on the $10 Sudoku Electronic Puzzle Game image to display the product details
4.) Add the item to your cart
5.) Select Google checkout to receive the $10 discount
6.) Select free shipping. (If your total isn’t $0, you’ve missed a step (unless you live in the sales tax states of California, Massachusetts, or Tennessee.)
7.) Receive your free Sudoku Electronic Puzzle Game within a few days (usually much faster than their website indicates). allows one free Google checkout item per email address and credit card. (You’ll have to enter your credit card information to check out, but once the Google Checkout discount is applied, your item will be free.)

P.S. Expires June 30th so hurry up and take advantage!!


Kathlen said...

Thanks!! Jons Birthday is coming up, and he loves sudoku!!

Dansie Family said...

i do think isaac is smaller genetically than most kids. but he has only gained 2 lbs in the past year.. and up until a month ago, it was only 1 lb... that's from the time he was 6 months old until now pretty much, at almost 18 months! so we put him on an awesome supplement called reliv. it's not what doctors would recommend because it's a more "natural" product, but i am loving it. it's just giving him the nutrients he needs to put some muscle on... he literally was not even close to on the charts and just kept getting farther away... scary... so i'm glad we found something for him to start to get good nutrition- he's such a picky eater!

Megan said...

Hello! I just started a blog and so I added you. Our address is How is Utah treating you? Sounds like you have some fun adventures coming up! Also sounds like our parents are going on a motorcycle ride to Yellowstone together without us! And I heard about your dad's new car. Thanks a my dad wants his high school car back! =)

Jobi Niu said...

McKenna! I'm craving your pool! I might need to give in soon and just come! UGH.. I bet you're so freaking tan. This weather is AMAZING! I'm lovin it. When do you find out for sure about Jason's job?

Rebecca D. said...

hey there!!! First of all thanks for the Blue Cricket link on your blog!!!! So nice of you!!! I'm having a huge sale so let's hope that helps!!!

Ok... magnet board!!!I just picked up a huge frame from DI for $15 and trashed the print that was in it!I painted it and bought from Home Depot the sheet of steel for about $15 and cut it to fit with tin snips then used Liquid nail, a cocking like glue to attach it to the back and then duck taped it in to press it down even better while it dried!!!

once i finished all the work I wish I would have just bought the large magnet board at Roberts craft that they sell for $60 but you could have gotten for %40 off with one of their coupons they ALWAYS have!!!There's are unfinished so you can totally paint it and it's so much easier and probably the same cost!

I had my sister in law cut me the vinyl for the magnets. I have teh words...

to do list
wish list
this month
this week
grocery list

I found the wood pieced at a craft store and have sence made more buy just buying a piece of wood that is the size I want and using a hack saw to cut to size. Glue a magnet on the back and there you go!

I hope that answers your questions! let me know if you have any more!!!!

Jason & Kelli West said...

yay for free stuff! And sudoku rocks! i love it. it is something that helps clear the mind! I hope you had a ton of fun for the 4th of July!

Dusti said...

MCKENNA!!! Oh I Miss your cute face! I m so glad you found me. and YES i want to come hang with the ORIGINAL crew, let me know when the next pool party or olive garden run is! can you believe we both have 2 children now CRAZY!! I GRADUATED and past both my written and practical a couple weeks ago! I work at Blush Salon in Sugar House every other Saturday starting in August!!! I am so happy to be done with the old Taylor Andrews! That school is not the same school that we went to 5 years ago....lets just say...ummmm it's under new management and it sucks. but i still love Larry..just not his choice of Director in charge!! ANYHOW when we get together I will tell you more!! Lets help Jobi's crave and schedule a pool date!!

Miss ya