Friday, January 16, 2009

Week 2

Apparently Cath is the only one with the same sense of humor as me. :) Oh well!!

Anyway, so today is day 2 of week 3. Last week was not so successful as week one. Half way through week 2 I had lost an additional 2 pounds, bringing my total to twelve. Then I hit a funk.

I posted Sunday that I was bummed. That continued for the next few days. And not just because of my calling. I've come to terms with that and am now excited.

I just was frustrated and couldn't figure myself out. So I blew it. I fed my feelings. :) Then I felt sick to my stomach AND I was still bummed. That lasted for a couple of days.

I finally told myself to get over it. I gave myself permission to not care that I had gained a few pounds back and start over. I took a good look at the way I was eating and made some adjustments. I was being to strict.

So today I'm better. I've lost that initial excitement about all the work that's ahead of me. I wish I could just skip that part. But I'm still doing it. Wish me luck with this third week!! Hopefully it goes MUCH better than last week!!


Jason & Kelli West said...

I wish you the best of luck!!! Don't forget, you have to allow yourself a treat at least once a week! Otherwise it won't last for long! You are doing great, and setbacks are normal!! You rock!!!

Dansie Family said...

i'll email you soon... pick yourself back up. it's okay! we all have downfalls. and make sure to EAT ENOUGH! you're doing great.

Mandi said...

Good Luck!! It's hard to not turn to old habits and foods that are comforting! Remember to give yourself permission and it will get better.