Thursday, January 22, 2009

Week 3

I honestly thought some of you might find this weekly updating completely obnoxious. But apparently not. According to my little poll you are unanimously enthralled with my journey to weight loss, and so here goes another update!

This morning marks the end of week 3. I tried to make sure that things were more doable this week, since week 2 was so hard:

*I decided that I wouldn't eat anything I didn't love. That means I'm not forcing myself to eat salads everyday, I'm allowing myself treats, and I'm not limiting my sodium intake as much so that food has SOME flavor (since I was basically not getting ANY sodium before).

*I decided that I honestly wouldn't deprive myself of ANYTHING if I really wanted it. For example, I had a very small piece of birthday cake on Payson's birthday. (Which was Tuesday, by the way, so watch for a cute post JUST for her soon). :) And Payson wanted pizza for her birthday dinner. So I ordered one greasy and delicious medium pepperoni for Jason and the kids. And I ordered a thin crust veggie pizza, double the veggies, and ate only two small pieces. I was completely satisfied and enjoyed every bite, but saved LOADS of calories and fat! I was so proud of myself that night. :)

*I decided to become a vegetarian. I've gotten some seriously funny looks from this one. Some people assume I'm a crazy animal rights activist now or that I'm judging them for eating meat. This is SO not the case. It was a PERSONAL choice based on some things I've learned and I don't expect ANYONE (including my husband and children) to do it just because I am. But it's been really great for me these last few weeks. I'm getting plenty of protein from eggs, beans, nuts, and seeds. And I don't miss the meat at all. (I'm still eating dairy and eggs. I'm not vegan...yet). :)

*I set TONS of goals! I set my long term goals, I set medium term goals, and I set short term goals. I put a rewards system in place for myself to help stay motivated. And I'm making it fun! I'm about to reach (one pound away) my first goal and so I've already ordered my reward. I figured I'll be there by the time it arrives. :) And all of my rewards are related to my goals. My reward isn't dinner at Olive Garden. It's things like a new workout or yoga dvd, a new pricey pair of work out shoes, and a whole new wardrobe for my whole new body when I reach my final goal!

I also found a website called It's completely free and tracks my water intake, my weight loss, my measurements, my exercise, my calories/fat/protein/carbs/etc, helps me set my goals, provides recipes, support groups, healthy helpful articles, etc. It's been really great! It's making things SO much easier (not easy, easiER) for me! It even provides personalized meal plans and workout programs if you want it to. (I personally like what I've been doing on my own, but they're there for free if you want them!)

I'm trying SO hard not to base my success on numbers alone! We all know that the number on the scale makes a difference. But I'm also very aware that it's not everything. Measurements, the way my clothes fit, and my energy level are all things I'm learning to pay closer attention to.

But like I said, the number sure helps me feel good!! So, here's me bragging:

In the last 3 weeks (since January 1st, 2009) I have lost a total of 14 pounds!! IN 3 WEEKS!! And I ate cake and pizza!!

And this morning, I took a few measurements. I'm still learning how to measure and keep track, so I don't know my total lost inches at this point, but I can tell you I lost 5 1/2 freaking inches off my waist and another 3 1/2 from my hips! WHAT?! Crazy!!

I can't even tell you how excited that made me!! So whatever I'm doing is working and I'm sticking with it.

Right now, I'm less than ten pounds away from where I was when Jason and I got married. That feels good.

I told Jason the other day that I can't wait to go to my family reunion this summer! Last summer I felt like a blob. I hate the pictures of me that were taken. But THIS summer, I'm going to show up looking amazing and feeling even better!!

Watching the Biggest Loser this season has been SO MUCH MORE FUN!! Rather than diving into a big bowl of something creamy and delicious while I sit on the couch and wish I were motivated enough to be like those guys, I AM one of those guys!! I'm working hard, I'm eating healthy, and I'm changing my life. I can't even tell you how big of a deal it is to me.

Anyway, enough of all that. Because it's afternoon and I still haven't worked out. Today is strength training and my muscles are still sore from Tuesday. Wish me luck!! I'll probably fall over dead when I'm done. It'll be AWESOME!!


The Lewis Family said...

Meat is a hard one, I hear you. I tried to cut out pork, since it is like the hardest meat to digest, but do have the occasional bacon because... I am weak :)
Good luck with it all... I need to get my butt in gear but am otherwise preoccupied right now, but will get there soon :) You are great inspiration though, so thank you for that.

Randi said...

McKenna, 14 pounds!!! That is so good! That is amazing. Good for you.
As for vegetarian that is quite a commitment. I'm impressed. You are quite something!
You rock!

Erin and Family said...

I'm very impressed McKenna! You are gonna be one skinny momma at the reunion! I'll be baby blimpified:). I'm so proud of you. And I think allowing yourself treats is a's just the serving size you allow!! You'll have to tell me more about the vegetarian part. Great work girl!!! I'm proud of you!

The Larson Family said...

Wow! Great job on your weight and inches you've lost! You're awesome!

CaraNathan said...

I don't think it's weird that you're not eating meat. The older I get the more I dislike it..

Davis, Linda, and Gavin said...

Way to go! You are doing things the smart way. You have put so much thought and effort into this and it is really working.
You know, it takes guts to post your progress and let everyone know what's going on in the weight loss department. I don't dare!! But I probably should as it would make me responsible for my goals and my progress.

Lindsay said...

Holy Crapola!!! Those are some amazing numbers! Keep up the good work! I did a great post on water arobics. Check it out and that is a fun way to switch up your excercises! You motivated me to put down the peice of pizza I was working on and just drink some water! I was bored eating again!!! Anyway...GOOD JOB!

Scimber said...

dang, you are doing SO GOOD!!!!!

The Deegans said...

Yay for McKenna! You are doing so good! I like the concept of not depriving yourself. It makes it easier to stick to something that way. So smart!

Paityn and Mark said...

A vegetarian mckenna? really? you are nuts. really though my friends dad became one when he got cancer, he heard it would help it and it hasn't come back since. i am sure it's healthy i just don't think i could do it. I have a hard enough time staying away from soda and fast food.

womanoforangerinds8 said...

Way to go, McKenna! I'm excited for you. You're making remarkable progress. I told Mark about the vegetarian bit, and he smiled...despite his mood. You're making and reaching so many goals that it overwhelms me—goals are not my friends. Can't wait to hear how you do this week!

Andrew and Charonne- said...

go you!!! That is great!!!

Lauren and Tyson Fiala said...

Wow! You are doing awesome..I can't believe you have lost 14 pounds. Obviously what you are doing is working, so keep it up girl! I'm weird about meat. I really don't like it that much. I hate seeing the veins in the chicken when I cook it, I hate all the fat on meat, I hate the blood, etc. Anyway, I think the fact that I do the cooking makes me dislike it more because I see the raw meat before it is cooked and it grosses me out. But anyway, congratulations on your success!