Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 3!!

Align CenterAh. The Happiest Place on Earth. Disneyland!!

The day began, for me, at around 4 am. I had to shower and do my hair and everything which I knew would take me forever. So I got up super early to get ready so as not to make everyone late. I got the kids up at the absolute last minute, around 5:30am, to get them dressed, and fed, and ready for the day. They were so out of it, but so excited when they realized that this was the day we had been counting down to since last Spring! We finally made our way out the door around 6:30 ish, arriving at the Park around 7am.

My dad and Jason dropped us off and then headed to park the cars and meet us later. We headed to get in line. But the security tables weren't even set up at that point. We were the absolute first guests there. So we hung out for about 20 minutes or so. And so did Jason and my dad, as the parking lots don't even open until 7:30.

There was a behind us while we waited in line. He knew way too much about Disneyland and told us all about how they had wanted him to come work for them, but it just didn't work with his commute, etc. We dubbed him Mom's new boyfriend/Dad's competition. He would not stop talking to her. It was hilarious!

Once the security area was open, we got checked and then Devin, Madie, Maren, Jack, and Payson headed to the gates to wait in line. First there, yet again. And my mom and I went to buy our actual tickets. Then we met up with everyone, including Jason and my dad at the front gates.

We still had about 20 minutes or so until the park opened, so we just hung out talking, people watching, and staring at the big flower Mickey Mouse. While waiting, we noticed who we dubbed "The Green Family". There was this adorable blonde family all in matching outfits (which were Green). They were so obviously Mormon! And not just Mormon. UTAH Mormon. :) We were cracking up. We sat and speculated for a few minutes, even "accidentally" saying things about Utah and the LDS church loudly to see their reaction. Then finally I walked over and tapped the matriarch on the shoulder and asked. She laughed and said, "Oh, you know we are! Why are you even asking?!" It cracked me up. So we asked where the were from and it turned out they literally lived right down the street from my parents! It sure is ... A Small World!! Ha ha ha! I crack myself up. :)

When the employees were finally waiting to let us in we found out that it was our ticket-taker's birthday. So of course my family LOUDLY serenaded her. Happy birthday Teresa. Although I'm positive you are not reading this.

Anyway, here are my cute babies waiting at the security check.

And waiting at the front gates. So close! Just let us in already!!

Payson hanging on the gate. And don't worry. That's Grandpa's hand trying to tickle her. Not some random pedophile in line.

Finally, they started the count down and the gates were opened! Everyone took off into the park. We didn't want to waste time posing for a family photo in front of Mickey, so you get just Mickey.

Jason, Jack, Maren, Madison, Me, Payson, and Devin walking down Main Street. I was in heaven!! I had so much fun pointing everything out to Jason and the kids!! I really honestly felt like I was 6 years old again! I LOVE DISNEYLAND!!

Jack was slowing us down. So Daddy gave him a ride.

Dragging Payson along.

We knew that the day before Thanksgiving was historically one of the busiest and worst days to go to the park, but it was our only option because of some other things. So we actually purchased (for super cheap) a software that plans out your itinerary for you. RideMax has you plug in which rides you want to hit, what days you're going to be at the park, when you want to break for meals, etc. and customizes a plan for you. Anyway, read the website if you're curious as to how it all works. But we decided to do it to make sure we got in everything we wanted since we were only there one day.

We had our itinerary out (which we made fun of all day long) and headed straight to Fantasyland, walking right on to Peter Pan!

Payson and Maren walking through the line.

Devin, Madie, Payson, and Maren getting ready to fly away on their pirate ship! Devin always makes this face. So hot.

Jason, Jack and me. I was so excited for them to be experiencing their first Disney ride. It was ridiculous!! And Jack was so excited to be on a pirate ship!

Next was Dumbo. For months before we left for Disney I was forcing Disney music and movies on the kids and Jason. I wanted them to be familiar with the music and rides to make the trip more memorable and fun. Then for several weeks before we left when I would ask Jack if he wanted to go on certain rides or meet certain characters (all his favorites) and he would tell us no. He only wanted to go on Dumbo. This was because he had seen the flying Dumbo's on the Disneyland commercials. So our next stop was Dumbo!!

Here he is with Uncle Devin, in line.

Payson watching the ride while waiting.

Jack FINALLY on his ride!!

Maren and I on our flying elephant!!

Payson telling Grandma to leave her alone and quit taking pictures so she could enjoy her flight!!

We hit the Storybook Land boats and Alice in Wonderland next. Jason and Jack on the boat.

Jack and Madie chillin in their caterpillar.

Payson and Grandpa.

Next was my favorite ride. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride!! Devin and Payson posing by Mr. J. Thaddeus Toad, Esquire himself!!

Jason, Jack, and my turn!!

Next were the Teacups!! Dad and Maren on the way over.

Dad/Grandpa, Payson, Jack and me, about to hurl. I don't do well with dizzy. But the kids loved it.

Maren getting dizzy.

I don't know why this picture is out of order, but I'm too lazy to fix it. So back to Alice in Wonderland!! Jack and Madison.

Then Madison, apparently having a marvelous time on the Teacups!!

Next we headed to Frontierland for Big Thunder Mountain. Grandpa walking with his grandkids.

We saw Pluto on the way from one ride to another and had to stop. The kids were so excited to meet characters!!

And Jack was beyond thrilled to see Woody and Jessie!! He wouldn't stop staring for a picture. :) Although he was very disappointed that Buzz wasn't with them.

Eventually we made our way to Toon Town. The kids loved it!! Devin, Payson, Maren, Jason, Jack, and Madison in jail.

Jack playing in prison.

Payson, breaking out!!

Maren with the fish.

And Madie's turn.

Maren posing at Mickey's desk.

And of course we met the Mouse himself!! Jack was SO excited to give Mickey a hug!! He kept telling me afterward about how he hugged Mickey and made Mickey happy. :)

Payson, playing on Donald's boat.

Next we hit Chip 'N Dale's roller coaster. Devin and Madie. Me and Payson (who looks like she's having the time of her life!). :) And apparently I was talking and itching my ear. Lovely. And Jason and Jack.

Surprisingly, the ride didn't end with Jack in tears!

As we got off the ride, we saw this!! That's my mom there with the camera. Notice that handsome fellow next to her? Well, next to his wife?

Yeah. That would be Mr. Jon Voight. Yep. Angelina's Dad. Just chillin at Disney with his fam. We saw his wife and son. And they were there with a guide and some kind of youth group. Who knows. As we left Toon Town we walked past him. He asked my brother if Jason was in the military. No idea why. He and Json shook hands and Jas told him that we were all fans, etc. And then complimented us on our handsome little Jack. (Payson was up ahead with my parents). As we walked past I wished him "Happy Holidays!" To which he replied, "Happy Holidays to you too, honey!" I beamed. Jon Voight just called me "honey". We're BFF's now. Anyway.

Next we went to Small World. Jack gave us the peace sign. No clue where he learned it, but it sure is cute!

Payson on the Small World boat.

Don't remember where this picture was taken, but that sure is one handsome boy!! (They blue-eyed one.) :)

We ran into Alice and the Mad Hatter. The Hatter was impressed when Jack walked right up to him and turned around, posed for a picture. He was a pro at the character thing at this point. :)

Waiting in line for the Matterhorn with my sistas. And that's a fruit pop in my hand. So yummy!! A must have at Disney.

Payson playing with that big ball that rolls in the water in Tomorrowland.

Waiting for "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience" to start. Cute show, but I still miss Captain EO.

Jack wasn't big enough for a few of the rides, so we did the child swap thing a bunch. Mom, Dad, Madie, Maren, and Devin went on Splash Mountain while Payson, Jason, Jack, and I waited with the kids. Then they waited with Jack while Payson, Jason, and I went. While they were waiting for us, Jack watched Brer Bear and Brer Fox battle it out with light sabers. :)

Jack LOVES pirates! He sang "Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me!" over and over and over again with Aunt Madie while we waited in line for Pirates. LOVE that ride!! And so did Jack.

This was as we were getting off the Jungle Cruise. I love their stupid jokes. Cracks me up every time!! We were heading to Tarzan's Treehouse (formerly the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse) when Payson decided to show us what Tarzan's says.

Next we hit Indiana Jones. The only ride in Disneyland Payson was not able to go on. :( So we did the swap thing again. Payson and Jack were getting a little sleepy at this point. It had been a LONG day!

Sweet, sleepy Jack snuggling Grandpa.

He eventually crashed, drooling on Grandpa's shirt.

The last ride of the night was Space Mountain. We had already hit everything else. Every ride! On one of the busiest days of the year! Without running from ride to ride! Thank you, RideMax!! We had planned on hitting Space Mountain earlier in the day, but it was closed. So we headed back to find it open, but the wait was over an hour. It was late, so they were no longer giving out fast passes. The kids were already crashing.

Oh! I lied! We hadn't hit Autopia yet. So I sat and waited with the kids at Space Mountain while everyone went to ride the Autopia cars. When they finally came back, both Payson and Jack were lying on my lap on the ground asleep. And I was pretty beat too. Remember? I was pregnant. And this was the end of busy day #3. Everyone was pretty beat. So we just decided to skip Space Mountain. Everyone but Jason and Payson had been there, done that. And as much as we love the ride, we were ready for dinner and bed. So we loaded up sleeping kids and all our junk and headed for the tram to the parking lot.

Although we did make one stop on the way out! I couldn't stand to leave without a churro. Don't ask me why. Eventually we made it home and crashed. Every part of my body ached from the walking and carrying of kiddos. And every ache, pain, and shred of exhaustion was completely worth that perfect day with the people I love most at the Happiest Place on Earth!!


r said...

Oh my gosh!! I'm so jealous of your new BFF!!! That is so cool.

This post makes me really want to take the kids there, right now. I'm glad it was everything you had hoped for the kids :)

r said...

PS. Just scanning the pictures again: Payson has the most beautiful eyes! Holy moly, she's gonna be a heartbreaker. Seriously.

Lindsay said...

Wow with that many pictures and details I feel like I am there with you :) Glad you are having a blast!

Sara said...

Holy Guacamole Batman. You did an AWESOME re-cap of your vacation. I'm sure it took a very long time, but you'll be glad you took the time to do it. I enjoyed the pictures very much.

aubrey said...

Awwww I'm so jealous. I love Disneyland SO much. I can't WAIT for the day I can take my kid(s) there...when they are old enough to actually appreciate and remember!

This was an awesome recap, I loved reading the whole thing. Looks like it was an amazing family vacation!

Megan said...

Looks like you had a blast. I'm going to probably be blasphemous in your opinion, but I really don't get THAT excited about Disneyland. Only been once...when I was 15...and I had fun, but my excitement level is NO WHERE near yours. Does that make me some kind of Disney scrooge? To each his own, I suppose! :) Glad you had a good time!

The Brandt Clan Fam! said...

I can't stand how much I love these pictures! Cool story about your new BFF!! hehehe McKenna, you're beautiful! Your hair looks darker. I do like it! Your babies are stunning. Um, just reading that, and looking at pictures made me tired! I still can't believe how much Maren is a little Robyn. Blows me away!

Scimber said...

I can't believe you saw John Voight! How many times have I been to Disneyland, like 1,000 LITERALLY, and I've never seen a famous person just chilling at the park. I've seen them for special appearance and stuff, but never just wandering the park! geeze, lucky! I'm glad you went on my fave ride (mr toad)! Going to hell is just too rad! AND did you know that Captain EO IS coming back in Feb for a short time?! Too bad it wasn't back in time for you guys to see it! :(

Anonymous said...

I am so Jealous of your whole trip! I ADORE disneyland!! And Jon Voight! How cool are you??? Jack and Payson are probably the cutest kids (besides mine of course!), I just love them to pieces and can't wait to see them again!!

Jason & Kelli West said...

It looks like you guys had a wonderful time. I am allready jelous of your vacation. I love the beach and have not been to one in a very long time. Love all the pictures. Keep em coming.

Denise said...

Ha! One of our favorite things to do at Disneyland is play "Spot-the-Mormon". It's usually not very hard, lol.

I can't believe you did ALL of that in one day. With kids. I've heard Ridemax is good, but still that's impressive. I like Mr Toad for the kitsch factor, but I find it disturbing at the same time, lol.

Mandi said...

What a fun day!! Love the pictures and i'm so glad they loved every minute of Disneyland. it's the best place to be with the ones you love!! :)

womanoforangerinds8 said...

Oh my gosh! It looks and sounds like you guys had the greatest time! It makes me excited to have my own kids one day, well, not like I wasn't already. Look how excited Payson and Jack were! Awe. Anyway, I love how there are hardly any pictures of your parents. Haha! Oh! and I LOVE your comments. You're so fun to read about!