Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 5

You didn't think it was over, did you? Sorry! We had a couple of busy days. Back to the vacation!!

I'll bet you can guess what we did the morning after Thanksgiving. That's right!! We slept in. Again! At least as much as you can when my kiddos are around. They were pretty exhausted at the end of every day, so we got lots of good sleep. It was heaven!!

Devin had to fly home that morning to get back to work. His lame boss actually made him show him his flight itinerary before he left to prove he'd be back Friday in order to get the time off for the trip. Weird. So we said our goodbyes and Dad ran Devin to the airport.

After lounging around all morning, we hit up Tom's Tacos for lunch again. Even though we were trying not to eat out too much. Tom's was totally worth it though!! SO GOOD!! Then we headed back over to Disneyland to spend some time shopping at Downtown Disney.

We just walked around and shopped. Jason and my Dad were the most excited about this part. (Note sarcastic tone.) This picture of Maren and Payson cracks me up. It shows off both of their attitudes. :)

I bought the kids Disney suckers a) because they're a must when you're a kid at Disney, and b) to keep them happy while I hunted for some stocking stuffers.

Jack especially enjoyed his. I love that face! (No, that's not sucker or drool all over his shirt. He has been playing in the water fountain.)

I was stuck in line at one of the stores, so the kids watched the bird show outside the Rainforest Cafe.

After shopping we went back to the pier at Huntington Beach.

This was the coolest day we had, but it was still so gorgeous!!

Everyone but Mom and Madie!!

I know this isn't a great picture of anyone, but I just love the reflection of the sun on the water!

Writing Jack's name in the sand with my toes. He's trying to do the same. :)

Payson running from the waves. She was still working on her sucker. This was before the sucker landed in the sand. There were tears.

We rolled up our pants and walked through the waves.

Payson kept running.

So Jack followed.

My gorgeous sisters. Even with Maren's ugly face. Pictures like this of the two of them together sometimes make me a little sad that I'm not "growing up
with them. They are some pretty awesome sisters!!

This kid got so excited every time we went to the beach. If only we lived there...

Payson kept running and running. Eventually a big wave caught up to her. She was soaked.

Cute little crack!!

The kids started to get a little whiny and cold. I didn't care. I could have stayed all night and looked at this.

Madie's turn to write in the sand.

The waves crashing under the pier.

I know some of these pictures are similar, but they're so gorgeous!! I love this place!! So many memories of weenie roasts, ward beach parties, family outings, reunions, just playing with friends, meeting up with Astle's (cousins), and since we've moved memories of visits back, always between guard stands 3 and 5.

The sunset was so beautiful!! There were about a dozen families there with photographers taking pictures. How can resist a backdrop like this?

Everyone (except photographer Mom) on the pier.

The pier.

This pretty girl was cold and tired. I wasn't smart enough to have brought a change of clothes. Isn't she stunning? And that guy holding her isn't so bad either! :)

We stopped at a little shop on the pier and the kids wanted these starfish. They had been talking about starfish since before we left, so I couldn't resist. Here Jack is with Grandpa, showing his off.

Another great day in southern California! And another exhausting and relaxing one. Man, those condos beds were great to go back to! This was our last day to play. We were leaving for Vegas the next morning. So sad. But it had been such an incredible week! I couldn't complain at all!


Jane said...

Those are gorgeous pictures!!

r said...

Wow. Stunning sunset! Your mom takes some mean pictures. And your kids really are precious :)

Mandi said...

Love the pictures!! what a fun week. Then you got to come see me!!! :) I loved that. Glad you had a such an amazing trip.