Friday, July 1, 2011

What?! No whining?!?!?!

Well, we're full term! Yay!! Thirty-seven weeks today. I had an appointment yesterday and they decided to check me. Progress is being made! I'm already dilated 2 1/2 cm and 75% effaced so hopefully this baby is coming sooner rather than later!

I was super excited to find out that any progress was made at all! I've been having miserable contractions for a while now and really though it was doing no good. I almost didn't have them check me simply because I knew I would be disappointed. So finding out that this baby is actually going to show up soon made me a little excited!

Due to Jason's work schedule and my mom and sisters having girls camp we're hoping for a very narrow time frame. Who ever heard of a baby cooperating though, right? So we'll keep our fingers crossed and see how much more progress we've made at our next appointment this week!

We have the house all cleaned and everything as ready as can be at home. We are now spending the weekend with family at a big reunion. It's been super fun so far to watch the kids run around with all of my cousins' kids and to visit with some of my favorite people who I don't get to see very often. And after the fourth we'll head back to my parents' to stay until baby comes.

It feels so good to be away from all the stress and drama back home and just relax with the people who matter most. I keep telling Jason that I just want to stay! I miss my family, especially right now with getting ready for this new baby. So I'm jut going to soak up every minute I can with them.

And now I'm going to curl up in my fancy hotel bed and get a decent night's sleep before spending another day with the bestest family in the whole world!! Hope you're all enjoying your Independence Day weekend as much as we are!!


Laura said...

Hooray for progress!!!

I'm so glad you are enjoying your time with family, but I really miss hanging out with you.

The Brandt Clan Fam! said...

It's always nice, near the end, to hear of progression! We can't wait to see this little one!!!! (We'd also like pictures of your other precious two, too! :) Glad you're having fun at your reunion, and hope you get to relax a little before baby!!!!

Brenda said...

I'm so happy you are almost to the finish line! I feel like we've taken a journey together and we're both nearing the end! Good luck, can't wait to see pictures of your little!