Friday, November 4, 2011

Planking Makes Me Laugh. Hard.

I probably learned about planking late in the game, but found it stupid...and terribly amusing. My kids learned about planking even later in the game (last night). They found it hilarious.

I think I watched them for nearly two hours last night trying to find every place possible to plank. They thought they were pretty funny. And I have to admit, they really were. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt!

Jack planking on the couch.

Jack planking on my desk. Payson planking on Jack.

Both kids planking on the stairs outside our place.

I sent a few of these photos from my phone to some family and friends last night and we all got a seriously good laugh. And then I got a few photos back. Like my sisters secretly planking in the bathroom at someone else's house. Or a friend's hubby planking on the school floor while waiting for parent teacher conferences. Ha ha ha ha!! I about died.

So if you're bored or sad and need a good laugh, consider planking. It's excellent for the stomach muscles!!


Tiffany said...

So you may think I'm Psycho but I swear I just saw you driving!!! On 1200 east right above that huge dip/gulley thing. You turned right off of a side street onto there... And u were right behind me. Like literally 20 minutes ago. I saw your huge curly hair (love it) and you were in what I think was a stratus.. And I swear you had that car in Rexburg. I didn't have a number to call you and you aren't on Facebook. I almost pulled over! But you would have gone right past. I was in a white van and going slow... So you were tailing me! :) we need to get together!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHA! I so needed that!