Saturday, April 12, 2008

My first step towards taking over the world!

So far I have used this cyber space to post all sorts of happenings in the Ralls Family. But lately I've wanted it to be something more. I don't want to feel like I have to have creative pictures or an exciting recent event to share my thoughts with my world (even if that world consists of three or less people). Besides, as cute as I think your kids are, sometimes I'd like to hear from YOU! So maybe, just maybe, you'd like the same from me.

So I've taken over. Don't get me wrong, I'll still be posting pictures of holidays, vacations, my kids doing nothing in particular, etc. All the usuals. But I'm adding a little more ME to the mix. Some days, I may be depressing, others funny, and other days just plain boring. As long as it's me, that's what you'll get! So here's to the start of something new! And if you hate it, SAY SO! That's what the comments are for, right?!


The Lewis Family said...

"well atleast during nap time" lol SO true!

Jason & Kelli West said...

PINKY: Hey brain what are we going to do today?
BRAIN: The same thing we do everyday Pinky...try to take over the world...hahaha!!

I wish you the best of luck...can I help? :)

Breeann said...

Good luck with the whole world domination thing! I totally get the link to the outside world and sanity, sometimes I forget what having adults around can be like. It is good to find people I lost contact with. I love being a mom and wife. I keep busy with my daughter and my lovely project of a house. We just moved into our second home and we are doing a total overhaul to make it our own. We built the first home we lived in so it was everything I wanted and the new one well, not so much. That's about it for me. Your kids are darling. I will be keeping up with your quest to take over the world.

Breeann Dawe (Miller)