Sunday, April 13, 2008

What a FABULOUS day!

Wasn't today just absolutely perfect?! Okay, well my day wasn't really perfect either, but it was definitely a great one! It didn't start out quite so wonderful, however. Knowing I had myself and four others to get ready for 9 am church, I planned to wake up at 6 am. The alarm was set and I was prepared, after going to bed around midnight, to be a bit tired in the morning. No biggie. Tired is my middle name.

So anyway, this morning I wake up's WHAT? EIGHT AM!!! How did that happen? I'll tell you how that happened. Certain husbands, who shall remain nameless, woke up, turned off the alarm before I could hear it, and just climbed back into bed. Argh!

I hauled upstairs and got Madison and Maren out of bed (Mom is in Denmark with her mom, aunt, and two sisters right now, and Dad had early high counsel meetings, so I'm the resident Nazi). The girls had instructions to forget making their beds, scarf down whatever they could find as quickly as they could, brush teeth, get dressed, and then report IMMEDIATELY for hair and make up!

While that was being done, I shaved my legs over the side of the tub knowing that a shower was out of the question. Payson and Jack were awakened and the above mentioned, nameless husband was told to get his lazy butt upstairs and feed them quickly!

Before I could do much of anything, girls were ready for hair and by the time the four kids and Jason were ready I was standing there sweating with last nights makeup all over my face, a curly, matted ponytail, and a big fat frown. I was feeling so frumpy! There was no way I was going to church like this!

So I didn't. I sent Jason with the kids and I hopped in the shower. As much as I hurried, I made it back about fifteen minutes before Sacrament Meeting began (their ward is backwards: RS/Priesthood, followed by Sunday School, and then the sacrament).

At this point I was feeling better about myself and sat on a cushioned pew upfront ready to enjoy the meeting. And I did. At least, the first half. Eventually Jack got super tired, but refused to just give in and sleep. And Payson started running around the chapel. Well, not really, but she made several attempts to get as far from my reach as possible. Ultimately, Jason and I spent the last half of the meeting in the hall. (Fortunately, this does not happen to us very frequently. Our children are typically somewhat reverent).

Needless to say, I was glad when the meeting ended and I could run home to some jeans and the sofa. And Jack went down easily for a good long nap.

AND THE WEATHER!! It was beautiful outside! We jumped on the trampoline, played on the slide and swings, played Catch Phrase and Zilch (a family favorite dice game) on the patio, and just enjoyed the sunshine!! Later we had a delicious dinner. I made Pesto Tortellini, salad, and asparagus and Dad grilled up some chicken breasts. Oh so YUM!

After dinner, we played some more and then decided it was a great night for a ride! Well, there weren't enough motorcycles for drivers and passengers, so we opted for hooking the trailer up to the back of the four wheeler and running around in the foothills a little.

We spread blankets on the bottom of the trailer and grabbed light sweaters and blankets for my babies. Dad drove, Brennan hopped on the back of the four wheeler, and then Jas, Madie, Maren, Devin, Payson, Jack and I piled on the back with Louis (my parents' chocolate lab). The view of the valley tonight was breathtaking! And we ran into numerous herds of deer grazing on the hillside. They stood in the headlights staring at us, probably baffled at the idea that we humans were so obsessed with staring at them.

Ultimately, both of my babies fell asleep during the ride and went right to bed when we decided to come home. The rest of us stayed up and played a little longer, just enjoying each others' company and not wanting our fun evening to end.

Really, the only thing missing was my mom! I'm sure she is having a blast on the other side of the world, but we missed her tonight.

Nights like tonight are my favorite. There was nothing particularly special about it. We were just being our family. There were silly moments of wet willies and sucker punches, and there were laughs! So many laughs! But it was just nice to be together doing whatever it was we were doing. That will be what I will miss most in Baltimore. Family. Gotta love 'em.


Dansie Family said...

so fun... being away from family has been awesome for us, but we're about ready to be back close... it's been almost 2 years. luckily, we're only an hour and a half plane ride away, but we're somewhat ready to be within a decent driving distance. family is awesome!

Jason & Kelli West said...

I'm glad I could help make your day. I say random stuff like that every now and then. I quite enjoy Pinky and the Brain myself!! I use to watch it alot when i was smaller. But my little brother (ok so he is almost 18 and not so little) always calls me up and asks what I am doing..i proceed to tell him, "the same thing I do everyday...try to take over the world!!" Lol...always gets a good laugh!

Paityn and Mark said...

That sounds so magical!jk No it really sounds fun. We'll have wonderful evening walks baltimore won't be bad. haha can't wait til you get here.

The Lewis Family said...

Thanks for the bday wishes... We should hook up a play date before you guys leave... when is that again?

journeytojohanssontown said...

Aubree and I are planning on Wednesday. She was wondering if we could meet her somewhere in the middle. You had said before you wanted to take the kids to McDonalds, that is still fine we can just find one in sandy or somewhere. Let me know if that is gonna work for you.

The Lewis Family said...

For the record, you are a stud! I have been playing with my html on my blog and am starting to understand it all. Thanks for steering me in the right direction!

Jason & Kelli West said...

Bachelor Talk..
ok, so you knew this was coming.... i totally called it again.. Marshana and Robin went home YAY!!! I couldn't stand them and they needed to go..PERIOD! I'm so happy they are gone... not so much drama now!! I like Matt more and more each time for the smart decisions he makes on who to send home. What did you think of what happened tonight?

Jobi Niu said...

So.. I love your family too! I love evenings like those.. GEEZ! FAMILY IS AWESOME! You leave SO soon to Baltimore.. AHH! Let's hit up JCW's before or somethin?? p.s.-You watch the bachelor huh? I'M SOOO HAPPY ROBIN AND ROTTEN MARSHANA ARE GONE!! YAY! BIggest Loser Finale tonight!! AHH! ANd AMerican IDOL! I LOVE reality TV, obviously! HA HA

Aubree said...

Love this post... it is wonderful! Sounds like you guys had alot of fun!!

Jason & Kelli West said...

ooops... sorry to spoil the ending on that one. I just figured you had watched it! I like all the girls too... Shane though... well she is not my favorite out of the four. She seems nice, but she is the youngest, and acts it sometimes. She seems a little spoiled whiney. I really like Noelle and think that it could get better. But Amanda is great too. As far as the whole Chelsea thing goes with her not wanting to hold hands... a little weird. My top two favs are Noelle and Amanda. They just seem sweeter and more down to earth. I can't wait to see the hometown dates. I can't believe her mom would caress him on the chest. It's gonna be interesting for sure!!